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First time homebirth

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Dollface136 Mon 25-Jul-16 11:27:50

Hi ladies

I'm looking for some information from women who tried for a homebirth with their first baby and had to transfer in to hospital.

I have a private midwife and am pretty sure I want to try for a homebirth. My question is, when you were transferred in, was it chaotic and scary? Did you go in with plenty of time to sort the complication?

I've had a lot of negative reactions from people when telling them I am having a homebirth and now wondering if it is an irresponsible decision.

Thanks in advance.

Serafinaaa Mon 25-Jul-16 11:44:20

I was transferred in due to some mild bleeding and the baby having an irregular heartbeat. My partner drove me in with the midwife following in her own car. When we arrived we went straight into a private room and the home midwife stayed for a while doing a handover to the hospital. She would have stayed longer but was called away to another home birth. I didn't think it was scary being transferred. It was probably smoother than if I'd planned to go in!

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