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Asthma in pregnancy

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SouthDownsSunshine Sun 24-Jul-16 18:43:59

My normally really under controlled asthma has got progressively worse this pregnancy. Currently 21 weeks and the usual symbicort isn't working. I had an asthma attack a few weeks ago, I can't climb stairs without getting out of breath, and I'm feeling breathless even when resting.

I saw the local asthma nurse for a review a while ago and she suggested I need to see the GP.

It's obviously got to the stage now that I do, as my usual medication isn't cutting it.

Any experience from others?

DesignedForLife Sun 24-Jul-16 21:51:51

You need to see a GP - tomorrow as an urgent appointment. Don't muck about with this, too risky for you & baby.

I normally have very mild asthma, but in my first pregnancy it got worse, till like you I struggled to get up the stairs. Same as you, around 20 weeks. Thankfully I saw an amazing nurse practitioner who talked very firmly to me and shook some sense into me - a course of steroids and a new inhaler later it was all sorted. Steroids did no harm to baby - she's now a lively 2 year old with no problems!

Just to give you hope, currently 36. Weeks with dc2, and asthma has been fine this pregnancy. Stayed on a low dose of inhaler, so just cos you have it this time doesn't mean you will next time!

Do you know what your peak flow acceptable limit is? Where are you compared to that?

SouthDownsSunshine Sun 24-Jul-16 21:54:50

Thanks for replying. My asthma got better in my pregnancy with dd,and stayed that way until this pregnancy.

I don't have a peak flow meter at home. Last year's check I got up to 600, which shows how under control it was. This time I think it was 500. Which is still ok. No idea what it would be today, probably 400...

KayTee87 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:19:02

Defo get a check up. I will say that I was convinced mine was getting really bad - breathless even having a conversation - turns out I have anaemia so maybe get your blood checked too.

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