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how quick was second labour if first was also quick?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Sun 24-Jul-16 16:13:49

Hi all. Posting this in pregnancy and parenting.

If you had a quick first labour did you have an even quicker second labour?

My established labour with first baby was just short of 90 minutes. MW is encouraging me to have a home birth this time which would actually be ideal as then I won't have to worry about childcare for LO.

However, with my first, LO'S heartbeat kept dropping plus once I was fully dilated the doctor gave me an episiotomy and used forceps to help baby out. A pediatrician was on hand to immediately check her over. So this is making me nervous about the whole home birth thing! Has anyone needed instrumental assistance with first but then not with subsequent labours? I hope so as this might reassure me about giving birth at home particularly considering baby might be so quick I have no choice anyway!

Thanks all!

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 16:25:04

DS1 was quick, but not that quick.
DS2 was 2 hrs from first contraction to baby. He was a paramedic on the bathroom floor delivery, as we were waiting for any Mum to make it down the motorway (2 hr journey).
Highly recommend a planned home birth rather than a make do job.
DS1 was ventouse, mainly as cord round neck, putting him in distress. DS2 "fell out". Do you know why your oldests heartbeat kept dropping? If a reason like cord position, there is nothing to say that would happen again, and if you get the midwife there they will be checking on things.
Highly recommend a home birth, especially for fast labours, if a low risk pregnancy.

Goingtobeawesome Sun 24-Jul-16 16:29:26

Dc1 was an emergency section
Dc2 labour was almost 24 hours with the pushing taking 20 minutes.
Dc3 labour was 12 3/4 hours with pushing taking seven minutes.

Quick isn't always great for baby ime.

Laura05 Sun 24-Jul-16 16:40:13

I was quick with DD and only 2hrs with DS from first contraction to baby! I'm panicking slightly at what's going to happen this time round!!

TheHobbitMum Sun 24-Jul-16 16:43:39

My first labour was 40mins, second was 12hrs, third labour was 5hours and third was 4 hrs. I didn't get the memo about subsequent labours being quicker 😂

Tangoandcreditcards Sun 24-Jul-16 16:51:04

Quick first labour:
From waters breaking (before contractions) to baby in under 4hrs. Active labour about 30mins. I nearly had him in reception of birthing unit as I'd been sent home because my contractions were strong but irregular.

2nd labour (planned HB) sort of longer, sort of shorter. Regular but completely painless contractions for about 10h, I knew he was coming, but no MW would have believed me. Then called HB midwife when they'd got more painful and my (sorry) bowels went. DS2 was here within the hour. 2 pushes, MW literally caught him as she walked through the door, she still had her coat on!

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Sun 24-Jul-16 17:50:03

greensand yep I'm low risk and MW has dropped of the home birth box so definitely planning that route! It was part cord round the neck and part distress at how quickly I was dilating I believe.

goingtobeawesome shame it's out of our control!

I have to keep reminding myself that there's no guessing and I might be lucky and have a longer and less scary birth this time! Here's hoping!

EreniTheFrog Sun 24-Jul-16 19:08:03

My first was 4.5 hours and my second was just under 5 hours. So very similar.

Good luck!!

MsFiremanSam Sun 24-Jul-16 22:13:59

First 6 hours, second 3 hours. Thinking number three will either drop out or be an epic marathon ending in section...

moobeana Sun 24-Jul-16 22:14:48

DD 1 - 3 hours from sweep to baby.

Dd2 - 55 mins from 3cm dilated ( came in for induction, found at 3cm already ) to baby!

donkir Sun 24-Jul-16 22:17:19

First 5hrs from first contraction sencond 3hrs from first contraction. I had a 3rd degree tear and haemorrhaged with my first so had to be monitored in hospital 2nd time around.

ICJump Sun 24-Jul-16 23:08:34

First about 6 hours active but latent labour was long! Second under 2 hours but I was induced at 42 weka

LynseyH5 Mon 25-Jul-16 11:24:02

Oh I love these stories :-)
My 1st was 8 hrs, 2nd was 4 hrs and 3rd, 1hr 9 minutes!
Pregnant with 4th and would love to have a home birth if all goes ok. Really don't want to have a baby in the car so I'm hoping all runs smoothly!
Good luck flowers

fairgroundsnack Mon 25-Jul-16 11:31:18

My first was about 2 hours established labour (arrived an hour after arriving at the hospital). He had the cord around his neck twice and got distressed from that and (possibly) the speed of labour. I didn't need instrumental assistance as managed to push him out quickly but I was being lined up for it.
My second was a home birth and much less stressful. I knew I was in labour from about 6 hours before she arrived but contractions were very very mild until about an hour before her birth, I felt like a complete fraud calling the midwives in! Established labour 2 hours and she was born in the pool very calmly.
Hoping for the same with DC3 in about 12 weeks....

Itsaplayonwords Mon 25-Jul-16 11:37:54

DD1 was born at 28+1 after 4 hours of labour and no prior signs of early labour. When I was examined I was fully dilated and rushed straight to theatre for an EMCS.

DD2 was born at 33+4 after 9 hours of established labour. Contractions started on the Friday morning but I was only dilated fractionally. I was given a patch to slow down contractions in order to get the steroid injections into me and have time for them to work. Contractions came and went until they intensified on the Saturday afternoon. When I was examined at 5pm I was 5cm dilated. DD2 was born at 2.12am on the Sunday.

My waters didn't break on their own in either labour.

kiplingcakes Mon 25-Jul-16 11:38:26

1st, DD was 2hrs 20mins from waters breaking and a contraction to a being born and pushed her out with one push so midwife was not completely prepared confused
2nd, DS was longer at 4hrs, however I did not break waters until getting to hospital and basically had bulging waters. Once water broke he came in 15mins so if water had broken at home probably would have had him there.
Midwives advised on home birth for DS but I did not like the idea and we live 10mins from hospital, however in hindsight I should have had a home birth - would have been much easier.
I was really worried that I was going to give birth when out and about with toddler DD as was so quick the first time but in the end he came early in the morning so no drama in the middle of town.
Good luck smile

isittimeforcoffee Mon 25-Jul-16 11:40:45

First was four hours (induction), second was 48 minutes from first contraction to him being born (in two pushes). I was still weaing a polo neck sweater because the midwives didn't think I would be giving birth for hours. Third was born in one push (his whole body) in two hours.

kbbeanie Mon 25-Jul-16 11:46:05

Ds 1 i was only in hospital 30 mins until he was born. Was 4cm when i arrived and he was in my arms shortly after.
Was worried about making it to hospital with number 2. But i was admitted on thurs and dd wasnt born until sun but she was a bit early she was 36 weeks when she was born so not sure if that made a difference

Salmiak Mon 25-Jul-16 11:57:12

Dd. Went into midwife led unit at 3cm, 2 hours later I'd progressed to 6cm, 17 minutes after being told I was 6cm she was out. I think they examined me, told me I was 6cm, I went and did a wee, then my waters broke and I pushed her out in 7minutes. So quite quick.

Ds - they suggested home birth but I preferred going back to lovely local midwife led unit (30 mins away in car). I was told to write in bold at the top of my birth plan that my first labour was quick and to admit me at first twinges of contractions. So I went in at 8.45 with very mild contractions, was 1cm but they admitted me. Hung around not doing much till 2.00 when I went for a little walk round the hospital. Came back with stronger, more proper contractions. Was 5cm. Midwife filled the birthing pool, I went and sat in it. Ds came out in 2 pushes at 2.35.

My only advice is to make midwives aware that your first labour was quick, so to come round to your home and stay with you even if you went in 'active' labour yet...

eddielizzard Mon 25-Jul-16 12:00:49

mine got quicker and quicker. first was induced with episiotomy and took about 8 hours. second about 3 hours, third about 1.45. that's from start of contractions to birth.

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 29-Jul-16 10:28:57

Thanks all for your responses.

Particularly fairgroundsnack as it seems your first was rather similar to mine and it's delightful to hear you actually had a longer birth with baby two at home and in pool which is what I'm hoping for! Every bit of reassurance helps!

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