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Gestational diabetes

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RosieTheCat Sat 23-Jul-16 14:21:24

32+5 I was diagnosed almost 5 weeks ago and struggled initially to keep my fasting levels under 5.3 as recommended, my meals were never a problem but I was usually between 5.5 and 6.5 occasionally a bit higher but always within range I ate sensibly and what was recommended

For the last two days I have eaten things or amounts I really should not have done partially by accident and today to try to get my levels up a bit.
my fasting levels are in range and my after meal tests have all been bellow 5 for example I had left over roast for lunch today and I was 4.2 this should really have given me a higher reading

I have also been experiencing what I believe to be Braxton hicks for the last 3 days, I never had them with Dd, the pain is all in my bump when they happen nowhere else

I haven't been more active, less if anything as I started my maternity leave yesterday and have drunk less water as well

Does anyone have any experience of this as for some reason I have mild alarm bells going in my head that this isn't a good thing but my local midwives are useless and I would just be sent through to the maternity department and left for several hours if I called them Dp works on the water so physically can't take me through till late evening anyway

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