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Does anybody else use a fetal doppler?

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AspiringMother Sat 23-Jul-16 09:22:16

I'm a FT mummy - well, to be!

I felt as though I needed some more reassurance, as I have had an early miscarriage in the past.

I went online and soon ordered a small device, which works great. I find that I seem to detect the baby's heartbeat better with an empty bladder.

Please don't scare yourself future mummies. There's been times where I couldn't find the heartbeat as soon as I had liked, or I had struggled to find it at all. It really does take practice, and if you stress yourself out then it could be harmful to both you and the baby.

I took a reading today with my doppler and heard a heartbeat of around 144 pm at 13 weeks.

If you've been taking readings recently then I would be curious to know yours. smile

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