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22 weeks: feeling overfull, headaches & severe sugar cravings... diabetes???

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parentsvsPIL Sat 23-Jul-16 07:38:17

I suspect this is all in the realm of perfectly normal, but thought I'd seek opinions before I go and harass the midwife on Thursday. Midwife is thoroughly passive/unobservant/acquiescent and I know that if I ask the right questions the right way I can probably convince her to send me to the antenatal clinic for checking for gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or whatever... the question is whether I'm being a hypochondriac or not!

For the last couple of weeks i have been feeling too full, i.e. like i can't bend over without getting heartburn, and as though the baby is up close to my ribcage, which at 22 weeks it shouldn't be yet. I have also been getting a lot of headaches of the low-blood-sugar sort, particularly in the morning, which are generally resolved by eating sugary crap - and i have been absolutely craving sugary crap (chocolate biscuits etc), even when not hungry. I've been trying to eat fruit & normal meals, but given a splitting morning headache, and a choice between ineffective paracetamol, or breakfast including a single espresso & 4 chocolate biscuits to fix the headache for a few hours, the unhealthy option wins. And a few hours later the headache is back and i'm desperately craving sugar again. Sugary food makes me feel absolutely great, like I can concentrate properly, it gets rid of the headachy sick feeling. I'm not giving in to the cravings after the first morning ones, but it does mean i feel awful most of the day.

Does this sound like blood sugar issues? I'm aware that adding chocolate biscuits to my breakfast isn't remotely a good idea on a daily basis, and that eating too much sugary crap may result in a large, potentially diabetic baby.

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