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Do cervical sweeps always cause mucus plug loss?

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Sophia1984 Fri 22-Jul-16 17:38:33

Hi everyone
38w pregnant here and midwife attempted a sweep yesterday (health trust policy+pushy midwife+ me not being given any notice, but I have made my peace with it!). She said my cervix was still 4cm posterior and only 1cm dilated, but she still gave it a go. It was painful and made me bleed.
I didn't have hopes of it doing much, but I've had at least 3 definite blobs of mucus that look like my plug today - tinged brown (I'm guessing old blood from sweep).

I was wondering if a sweep always results in the mucus plug coming out, or if this could be a sign that it has provoked some sort of effacing/dilating in the cervix and that things could be underway?

Dandelionsmakeyouwee Fri 22-Jul-16 17:40:48

Hi! I just want to say that I had a sweep done around the same stage as you and only 1cm dilated.
I DID lose my plug, but I actually still went two weeks over and had to be induced. So really, sweeps don't always work.

She sweeped another lady who wasn't dilated at all and had no signs of labour, she went into labour the next day!! It's all very much down to the individual.

sundayraspberry Fri 22-Jul-16 19:31:50

Hi Sophia I was wondering the same

Had my first sweep earlier this week at 40+2, cervix 1 cm dilated also. Lost some plug today but no other symptoms. Can anyone explain about cervix position? Mine is also posterior, does it move prior to labour?!

BettyOBarley Fri 22-Jul-16 19:44:31

I had two sweeps, I was 1cm dilated and fully effaced for the first and 2cm at the second, lost my plug but still had to be induced so unfortunately it doesn't always mean anything.

Flisspaps Fri 22-Jul-16 19:54:32

No it doesn't.

You are well within your rights to decline any further offers of sweeps - they only really work when you're ready to go into labour anyway (so why not wait for your body to start itself)?

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