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False labour

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AtAt Fri 22-Jul-16 05:32:32

Had a false alarm, and now can't get back to sleep. Mild cramps last night, then woke at 3am with them feeling stronger with back pain. Ended up downstairs, but after a cup of tea and watching tv to distract myself, it's all gone away.
With ds, my waters went with no contractions , so I haven't experienced this side of labour before. Makes me nervous I won't recognise it when it actually does happen....

mellmumma Fri 22-Jul-16 08:52:07

Awww exciting AtAt!

But annoying when it all goes away!

I'm 40+3 (1st baby so no idea what to expect) and on tenterhooks too. Had a sweep weds, mild twinges and cramps yesterday from 6pm until 12am but then fell asleep and all went away. Woke up for a wee at 5am and sat reading about 'inductions' and 'can due dates be wrong' on MN this morning for two hours. Then got heavy period pain for 15 minutes so put the ipad down. Then fell asleep. Now nothing!

Mental torture right! Hope you aren't waiting much longer! How far are you?

I also hate the not knowing what the first signs might be... Waters or contractions? Although right now I'll take any sign!!

Off out for lunch today to chill me out and distract me, swear I'm starting to go a little cray cray!

AtAt Fri 22-Jul-16 11:57:34

Hi Mell,
I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. I have a scan this afternoon (growth scan) so will be interesting to see if it is engaged yet. Hope you enjoy lunch, maybe a curry to try get things started?smile

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