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Painful piles

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Pippsypiemummybear Fri 22-Jul-16 02:11:26

Sorry if tmi, im 20 weeks in three days and have piles, I have been prescribed anusol with hydrocortisone in it. I used it the first two times on the outside only, but tonight I thought it be a good idea to treat inside as it isnt going down yet and still painful, so I used the nozel bit and squirted away, it wasnt till I removed it I noticed how much I used. I would say almost a quater of the tube, what do I do as I dint know if you can overdose on pile cream and now im panicking that it will har me or baby somehow... please anyone help !

Bluebird126 Fri 22-Jul-16 17:32:40

I wouldn't have thought it could hurt baby but someone else may know more? it should work its way out when you go to the loo....

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