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32 weeks and v irate esp with DM!

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QueenEnid Thu 21-Jul-16 14:14:22

Rant alert! Apologies ladies although if anyone else if feeling the same please feel free to add your irateness below!

So. I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant. Off work to rest this week. Maternity leave due to start mid August and baby due sept 16th.

I am hot. Very hot. And tetchy. I can't be bothered to move and my back is hurting. It's probably hurting more because I'm not moving which is obv an ongoing circle.

I have a tower fan. I'm fucked if I know where it is. We moved house 6 weeks ago and it came here out of storage. Am convinced someone has hidden it out of spite. Fuckers.

Spellcheck on my phone is giving me the rage. Seriously. I want to just be able to type what I'm typing without it autocorrecting to some bollocks that I didn't want to write! angry

My DM is, God bless her, a gem. She does loads to help and I am grateful. If I needed anything she would be round in a shot. However at the moment she is really getting on my nerves.

She has a tendency to be very negative about things which most of the time I either ignore or put her straight on. At the moment it's sending me into a rage. Anytime I want to buy anything at all for the baby, it's met with "oh well I wouldn't buy that because people will buy you things when baby is born". Yes. Maybe they will. And I will be very grateful. However, maybe I WANT to buy my first child a fucking baby grow. Maybe I want to buy a sleep suit. In fact, that's all I've bought. 2 outfits. Maybe I want to feel like my child is MY child and maybe I want to enjoy buying little things.
If I do something, or mention something, if it's not how she does things, then it's always commented upon. "Oh well I wouldn't do it like that". Today's responses back have been a very short " I don't recall asking for your opinion". No doubt she will get the hump now.

When I first found out I was pregnant, my friend came round and said she'd love to organise a baby shower for me. Mums response? " oh well I don't see a point in those, sounds like a waste of time to me. Why would you bother wanting to do that?!" I did actually go mad at that and told her in no uncertain terms that her opinion was neither asked for nor welcome and that rather than sapping away any happiness I have about being pregnant and my friends wanting to do something nice for me, she should consider herself not invited.

OH sympathises bless him. Although he is careful not to get on the wrong side at the moment. Generally I'm pretty easy going and don't get stressed out about things. I have to be level headed to make decisions etc at work so usually am good at looking at different points of view.

But this week I am seriously not in the mood for any shit.

(But I am glad that the weather has cooled down and I am feeling slightly better although there is an extremely annoying fly buzzing around my kitchen which is asking for its death sentence very soon if it doesn't get the hell out of my house!!!!

Rant over. Sorry ladies! X

crazychemist Thu 21-Jul-16 15:02:03

I'm 29 weeks and definitely having some rage... I jthink the heat probably makes it worse because it's impossible to sleep! My poor DH has definitely had to suffer some illogical ranting, and I've also shouted at the computer a few times. Fortunately for me, we're currently trying to move and our estate agent is being completely useless and rubbish, so I have someone that actually needs shouting at! My DH has been enjoying passing me the phone when being calm and reasonable isn't working. Can I thoroughly recommend finding someone/something that you have a good reason to shout at? It helps release some tension!

QueenEnid Thu 21-Jul-16 15:25:09

ah my sympathies crazychemist
We moved in here 6 weeks ago after completing on our house and having to move in with DM for best part of 3 months sad She was a star bless her, but we found out i was expecting whilst we were staying there (5 months expecting to be exact!) and it took 7 months to complete on our (empty!!!!) property! I actually went down to our vendors solicitor in the end and sat in their reception. Needless to say all of the excuses that had been going backwards and forwards came to an end very quickly as i had called my solicitor just before i went in and advised that i would be there sitting in reception until further notice! lol. I received a call 20 mins later from my solicitor advising that they had called and he now had everything he needed! I guess they didn't want a 6 month pregnant lady sat in their reception eh?!

I dont have anyone at home to have a shout at at the moment (OH is at work and bless him he doesnt really deserve it. He looks like a puppy if i shout and be unreasonable and then i feel guilty!!) but i have spent an inordinate amount of time today chuntering to myself which has made me feel a bit better. smile

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