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Anyone else get BFP in July?

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Addictedtopoas2213 Thu 21-Jul-16 10:51:04

Hi Everyone,

I have had a few BFP's this month and trying to stay positive as I have a history or chemical pregnancies. Hopefully this line will stick and I will finally become a mummy smile

I am 33, married and would say I am 5 weeks pregnant today! Woo! Going to wait until I am at least 8 weeks before I consider seeing a Doctor/ Midwife.

Did anyone else get there BFP this month and want to share the journey? What symptoms do you have? How are you trying to hide the fact that you are not drinking? Have you told anyone?

I'm keeping it pretty hush hush at the moment, fed up of telling friends one thing and then having to break the news when it doesn't work out, so life is pretty funny at the moment. My husband and I went to great effort at the weekend to pour non alcoholic red wine into a harveys stamp bottle for me to take to a party. I also had two shots of water. Drunk people are easily fooled haha!

Hope you are all well and excited about the future flowers

AuntieStella Thu 21-Jul-16 10:59:33

The chat thread is over here

If you look at how busy that topic is, you'll see why there's a separate place for it all. If pregnancy chat crept into this topic, it would be swamped and so all too easy for (non-chat) questions about pregnancies to be overlooked.

Addictedtopoas2213 Thu 21-Jul-16 11:33:19

Thanks for the info, I incorrectly assumed that a chat about pregnancy would be under the pregnancy topic. Only 5 weeks in and already failing lol.

... a congratulations would have been nice at least....

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