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Absolute anger & rage in pregnancy!

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SausageDogGeorge Thu 21-Jul-16 09:30:38

Please be kind to me because I'm not a horrible person (normally) but I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and I just don't know what's happened to me - I an angry to the point of throwing and smashing things, I get in a rage over minor things (which at the time seem like the end of the world) and I am just generally horrible to be around. I walk around with a face like a slapped arse and any tiny little thing can set me off and I fly off the handle. I seethe with resentment over stupid things and get to the point where I feel like I will explode with rage. Of course my DP is getting the worst of this to the point where we are having major fall outs every few days - he has had enough and so have I.

I really think it must be my hormones making me behave this way but worry that I am using this as an excuse and i'm really just turning into an absolute monster blush

I have suffered awfully with PMT in the past and when I had the coil (the hormone one) I had to have it taken out after a few months as I was exactly the same then - angry, resentful, argumentative, violent almost. I was on an anti-depressant for a while to help with the PMT and also started having reflexology and hypnotherapy which really helped a lot.
I already have 2 DC and wasn't like this with those 2 pregnancies. I also suffered a miscarriage in December which I suppose will have messed with my hormones.
Has anyone else experienced this in pregnancy? I am going to contact my midwife today to ask for advice but i wanted to know if anyone else has been the same in pregnancy. I feel ashamed of my behaviour and want it to stop. Thanks

Karabi Thu 21-Jul-16 11:12:08

I'm not angry to the extent you are but I'm getting there. My OH and I argue almost every day atm and it's always because I've started the fight over little things 'oh you're going out with your friends again? that's fine, just leave your pregnant fiancee at home with nothing to do'. Once he's gone, I think over it and realise how bloody pathetic I'm being but as soon as he comes home I get arsey again!

The other day I asked him if we should go on a break and he said absolutely not. I was in a spiteful mood and semi wanted him to say yes just so I could be angry! I feel so ashamed when I think back on it.

Antenatal depression is a real thing so it's maybe best talking to your dr as well as your midwife?

SausageDogGeorge Thu 21-Jul-16 11:19:03

Thank you Karabi I think i deliberately pick fights when I look back, but at the time it seems perfectly reasonable. I feel ashamed of my behaviour and always wish i'd not started it - last night was because he was 10 minutes late bringing back DC2 so i was late taking her to cricket - it really didn't matter that much and it certainly didn't warrant me screaming like a loony, slamming around, getting in the car and screeching out of the drive stupidly blush then being in a sulk all evening!

I have said several times that I think we should split up - I certainly don't mean it - I love him so much - but I say things that I think will get a reaction blush I have called the midwife today but she is on holiday until Monday, I will speak to her then and depending what she says, i will perhaps see my GP next week too. thanks again flowers

DesignedForLife Thu 21-Jul-16 11:39:23

I've not been that bad but I've had moments for sure! Including major rage that Starbucks card machine was broken and I couldn't get coffee blush

Are you getting enough sleep/rest and food? I go ultra cranky if my blood sugars get low. Otherwise it does sound like a trip to the GP could be a good idea.

SausageDogGeorge Thu 21-Jul-16 14:52:33

I get major rage about stuff like that at the best of times DesignedForLife blush haha

I am tired as I work from home running my own business, we got a new puppy the week I conceived (unknowingly of course!), have 2 DC age 11 and 13, am trying to sell my old house (DP and I bought a house together in January), am always running around like a loony so probably am very tired but I eat for England and get enough sleep so I honestly think it's my hormones sad I will definitely speak to the MW when she is back next week though and will go to GP if she advises it. Thanks for your reply, it means a lot flowers

whifflesqueak Thu 21-Jul-16 14:59:37

I smashed my phone to bits when I was a few weeks pregnant because my dp left his breakfast things next to the empty dishwasher before heading off to work.

I am normally a calm and equitable person. the rage only lasted for the first trimester.

SausageDogGeorge Thu 21-Jul-16 15:11:13

oh no!! I must admit I smash things quite frequently whifflesqueak I always feel so ashamed and regretful afterwards blush I smashed DP's phone by throwing it across the room at him a few weeks ago (it was supposed to hit the sofa but missed) blush I was particularly regretful when I had to buy him a new one......grin Can you imagine if it was the other way around? I would probably never forgive him blush

I never, ever do anything like this in front of the DC btw, I would never let them see me act so awfully although they have seen me burst into tears for practically no reason (can't find my shoes being one)

I am normally quite emotional and can get upset easily but nothing to the extent i've been recently - I'm 12 weeks next Friday so i'm hoping that i can put this behind me soon smile

Ashpan26 Thu 21-Jul-16 23:19:38

I'm feeling the exact same as you I'm 17 weeks and have suffered pmt depression/anxiety before getting pregnant it seems like every little thing annoys me I get really angry and feel miserable because of it I'd just like to feel a bit of happiness/excitement once in a while

PenelopePitstops Thu 21-Jul-16 23:24:18

Oh I'm the same! So much rage.

I had a strop at a checkout lady who wouldn't serve my husband alcohol as I didn't have ID. We're both 28! I had a proper rant about the fact I couldn't even drink because I was pregnant. She looked sheepish but stood her ground. In the end I stormed out! I would never normally do this.

UmbongoUnchained Thu 21-Jul-16 23:29:38

Don't worry I think it's quite normal. I'm feeling for my husband because I'm usually a bitch anyway but being 21 weeks combine with this heat (which always makes me rage anyway) I am pretty unbearable.

SausageDogGeorge Fri 22-Jul-16 11:50:04

It sounds like what i'm experiencing is pretty normal then....blush but i still am going to speak to the MW about it as I can't continue the way I am doing - Im horrible to be around when I'm in a rage and just get ridiculously upset over tiny things (in the grand scheme of things!) I have felt fine for the last couple of days though so perhaps the hormones are settling down now?

I have always been affected a lot by my hormones so shouldn't really be that surprised that i've lost the plot in pregnancy!!

Thanks for letting me know Im not alone though! smile

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