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25 weeks and horrendous back pain

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MyMrKnightley Tue 19-Jul-16 21:11:43

All help gratefully received

Anything I can do to try and ease it, I have numb leg with pins and needles also shooting pain down leg and in lower back.

Tomorrow who do I contact if still bad gp or midwife?

Thanks in advance.

Jodie1982 Tue 19-Jul-16 22:46:57

See the gp asap.
I'm suffering too as have Degenerative Disc Disease in lower spine. Not much can be done as the pregnancy limits treatment. I was told if I get numbness in thighs and start peeing or pooping myself I have to go a&e asap. 😕
Good luck.

QueenEnid Wed 20-Jul-16 07:49:42

Ladies I also have DDD and have had microdiscectomy 3 years ago. Currently 32 weeks pregnant.

Get yourselves to an osteopath sharpish. Yes you'll have to pay (physic on nhs has done nothing for me so I no longer bother). But it's worth every penny. Where I am it's £35 a session.

I'm currently having a treatment every 5 weeks and it's fine. Before I was pregnant I was going about 4 times a year. You'll need a few more treatments at the beginning obviously, and if you can get a good osteopath then it's likely the treatment will be a bit uncomfortable whilst they're manipulating you but you will thank them for it the next day!

QueenEnid Wed 20-Jul-16 07:52:33

Just to add, my back and hip pain has been minimal compared to what I was told it probably would be.

Yes I still get some hip and back pain but it's manageable without paracetamol most of the time now. I've also seen a chiropractor in the past when my legs and bum were so numb I could barely walk. He was a life saver. Again, same sort of cost as an osteopath.

If you know someone who can give you a recommendation then obviously that's the best way to go.

Jodie1982 Wed 20-Jul-16 11:42:23

I'm too scared to even think about someone manipulating my back. I'm being referred to womens health physio. Not sure what they will do?

QueenEnid Wed 20-Jul-16 11:48:47

Theres no need to be scared Jodie - they will talk you through treatment and find out exactly what it is that is the issue and then recommend a plan.
Its not as scary as it sounds!

MyMrKnightley Wed 20-Jul-16 12:32:58

Thanks for the advice been to the gp and been referred to physio so hopefully that will help.

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