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Trying for another baby after miscarriage?

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Gemmaxo Tue 19-Jul-16 14:23:57

Hi ladies, so I recently had a miscarriage which me an my boyfriend are both devastated about, I am still bleeding now from it but once it does stop when would people recommend you try for another baby? Obviously I need to wait for my body to finish what it needs to do but it's somethin me an my boyfriend both really want, a baby. Can anyone share any experiences they have had after having a miscarriage? Can you get pregnant straight away and still have a healthy pregnancy? This was my first pregnancy so this is my first miscarriage and I wish to never go through that again which is something I'm also scared of happening (I was 7 weeks when I miscarried)

NapQueen Tue 19-Jul-16 14:28:22

Sorry for your loss.

I miscarried on my second pregnancy around 11 weeks. It was awful and I'd not wish it on my worst enemy.

We decided to wait before ttc another 6 months to ensure we were totally past the initial grief of it all. I also wanted to wait till I felt my body was "back to normal" as I didn't want the worry that if I mc again it was because I rushed (no idea if this would even influence it).

The day we decided to tttc we fell pregnant (only day that month we dtd), and whilst I didn't have an easy pregnancy it wasn't a risky one and DS delivered fine; totally healthy, two days before his Edd.

Good luck with ttc and don't feel you need to rush straight back into it. Allow your body and mind time to come to terms.

user1463652193 Tue 19-Jul-16 14:51:37

I had a miscarriage in December (also at 7 weeks), I asked the sister in the hospital when we could try again and she recommended we wait for apx 3 months or until I had had one proper period (she said the first one might be a bit odd, so to wait till after the second one), so that's what we did. Bump is 22 weeks today.
It's up to you though. Hope that you get a sticky one next.

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