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Driving myself insane. What's going on?

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Beautifulstorm Mon 18-Jul-16 13:09:49

Feel sick, AF is due and smells are really stone atm. Tested with 3rd pee this morning. Had a faint positive. 5 minutes later it was gone! Anybody experienced this?

Im thinking evaporation hmmm

DesignedForLife Mon 18-Jul-16 13:11:44

Wait a day or two and test again, and try not to think about it too much! Easier said than done I know!

Beautifulstorm Mon 18-Jul-16 13:15:24

Yea that's the plan! Annoying waiting though.

DesignedForLife Mon 18-Jul-16 21:40:26

Fingers crossed for good news smile

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