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Pregnant or crazy?

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user1468800507 Mon 18-Jul-16 01:25:20

I feel like im going slightly crazy. About four months ago ı did a pg test- negative. I continued to feel wierd the next two months so did more tests, all negative. My periods have continued and ive had an extra one just for good measure! But..ıve gained 5kg. I feel pressure as though ı need to pee. I cant eat red meat and ive been super tired. Im also taking antidepressents so put it down to this but ive been on them for over a year with no side effects. If ı am pregnant, i must be at least three months. If ım not, something else wierd is going on. Id normally just go to the gp but ım not ın the UK and gps dont do pregnancy tests you have to go to the hospital which is a two hour journey away. After two kids surely i should be able to figure it out?? Does this look like a bump starting or am i just loosing the plot?

Kpo58 Mon 18-Jul-16 04:39:33

Can you not buy a pregnancy test in the shops or online? It's the only way to be certain if you are pregnant or not.

Monstamio Mon 18-Jul-16 06:49:14

If you are still having periods and have had several negative tests then it is very very unlikely that you are pregnant. By now your hormone levels would be showing up on even the least sensitive test.

You should probably talk to your GP about your symptoms in general so they can rule out other factors.

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