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Pregnant and thinking of holidays 2017 with a baby

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Pixie2015 Sun 17-Jul-16 16:25:39

Just returned from a lovely holiday in Spain and to keep me going need to think about next years holidays. Due in late dec/early Jan so would have a 6m old and 8y old to cater for! We have done centre parcs a lot and it's so expensive in early July thinking about trying elsewhere in uk any suggestions would be appreciated - was thinking about Yorkshire / northern England thought Pickering for railway and Whitby for the coast - would prefer a cabin or cottage complex where eldest can run free. Can anyone recommend anywhere or other places to visit in the areas ?

MagpieCursedTea Sun 17-Jul-16 22:51:24

I'm due around the same time as you and my DS will be 3 by then. We're thinking about the Lake District next year. Although, now you've mentioned Whitby, I might consider that too!

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