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Pregnant and on my own

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Rosalie87 Sun 17-Jul-16 15:41:28

Hi all,

I'm still in a shock. I'm 29 and I got absolutely unexpected pregnant. I definitely want this baby but I'm so scared of everything.

Due an health issue (had a deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia embolism in2015) I wasn't allowed to take contraception so always used condoms as protection.

I'm single for almost two years and met this lovely guy a couple of weeks ago. I fancied him and we have been dating before getting intimate. We used a condom and I still can't realize that it must have failed.

A couple of dates later we both talked and figure out its better just to be friends I had feelings, he too but didn't want something serious.
We are still in touch and there are no bad things between us. But he doesn't know about the pregnancy yet.

I only have an appointment with a midwife on Wednesday. I don't know how far I actually am as my period is really irregular. So it could be between 7-11 weeks.

I'm soo scared of telling him and I'm so lonely. My family is from another country so apart from work colleagues and some friends which I haven't told I don't have anyone to speak about it.

Is there anyone pregnant right now and maybe also in my situation? Sorry for all the text I'm so confused.


TanteRose Sun 17-Jul-16 15:51:23

You need to tell him - he might surprise you with his reaction, in a good way.
In any case, you need some support.
Congratulations btw smileflowers
And don't worry - if you really want this baby, then things will work out

Rosalie87 Sun 17-Jul-16 15:59:19


I definitely will tell him. But I thought it makes more sense to wait for my midwife appointment to tell him a bit more details.

I just feel like my brain can't stop working.
I'm a positive thinking person and this wee berry is absolutely welcome but I feel so overwhelmed etc.

Thanks for your lovely message

dottydee3 Sun 17-Jul-16 17:04:56

Congratulations, I agree with what Tante has said above. I don't think your midwife will be able to add any for information, they'll date you from the scan, you could wait until after the scan but the father might want to know why you didn't tell him sooner.
This baby is lucky to be already loved and wanted op smile

Rosalie87 Sun 17-Jul-16 17:17:01

Thanks Dotty,

you both are probably right. It's weird how things can change so easily.
I know he can be maybe surprisingly positive about it but at the minute I doubt it. He is 3 years younger than me and still stays at his mums house... sad
Lucky me I have a two bedroom flat for myself.

I'm so happy to find this forum.

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