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Pains, spotting & dizzyness- Any Advice ??

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ppole27 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:04:32

I am currently 16+ 5 weeks pregnant and so far have not generally have been fine throughout my pregnancy.

I was just looking for advise as this is my first pregnancy.

So On Thursday it was my 16 midwife appointment. I visited and my normal midwife was away sick for the day( she works 1 day a week at my practice and is only one at my local GP Surgery) I went in anxiously with a few concerns and was expecting to have my bloods done.

The midwife replacing my normal midwife was there and simply said when I arrived that I was wasting my time by going because she couldn't find any results for my blood tests. I advised her that up until this point, I hadn't actually had any and was awaiting this time to come and to be honest thought at that very appointment that's what was going to happen. She told me she couldn't do them and had to go to my local hospital but didn't know when they were open to do tests so to go down the following day and just see.

I at this stage said this was fine however was concerned that I had been having very bad pains and what felt a lot more painful that the normal cramps i had been having before in my left side primarily, and sometime right side, and that a few nights before was in agony and when I kinda lifted my knees up toward my tummy sent shooting pains across my lower tummy. I also explained earlier that day, I had blacked out in the bathroom and had spotting the night before.

She disregarded every bring I had just explained and said' well next time you Should bring a urine sample in a bit of a huff and a puff, so i explained I had actually brought one with me as I had been advised to bring one to each appointment and started to reach for my bag to get this. Her response was' well we won't need this this time' and gave me an empty new sample tube and threw my other away in the bin.

To be quite honest- i am concerned.
With this being my first pregnancy I just don't know if I need to stop worrying. I'm constantly getting pains on what would be I suppose lower abdomen and it's starting to ware me down as I'm waking up in the middle of the night in pain and as a result am having time off from work due to lack of sleep.

The pains have been worse since Sunday so thought, I'll see how I go untill the midwife appointment on the Thursday and just then felt disappointment and fobbed off.
Just a little reassurance would have been nice from the covering midwife- but I felt my comments were just overlooked and ignored.

I've started to become very lightheaded and dizzy feeling over the past week or so.

Is this normal?
Does anyone have any advise of who to turn to?

My midwife is only back in next Thursday so I'm anxious to try and get some answers to reassure me beforehand.

Many thanks

jar101 Sat 16-Jul-16 21:01:57

hmm she sounds rather rude . Is there no where else you could get yourself checked over like epau ?I know in my hospital antenatal ward don't deal with anyone under 17 weeks and tell you to go to Epau . Don't panic I spotted throughout my pregnancy however I did get myself checked over each time or at very least rang the hospital could be something and it could be nothing but I would ring the hospital and explain that you blacked out ect and see what they say

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