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37/38 how had was it for you to get pg?

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JonahAndTheSale Sat 16-Jul-16 17:11:43

Just wondered about this and wanted some experiences and views.

It'd be dc3 for me but had a mmc a year ago and haven't been able to go through it again until now...

Potentially thinking of ttc around September or October.

My other children are 1.5 and. 3 and were conceived easily but now I'm over 35 so appreciate it may not be so easy.

Thanks in advance

Reindeerlily Sat 16-Jul-16 17:16:55

I had an early miscarriage about 6 years ago and swore I'd never get pregnant again.
New partner now, forgot to take the pill and was pregnant within days!
Baby number 3 is now 9 months old with a 15 and an 11 year old brother and sister. I was 37 when I last got pregnant.

creativevoid Sat 16-Jul-16 17:19:49

Had first DS at 37 after TTC for 3 years. Got pregnant with number 2 as soon as we started trying again and gave birth at 39. Once my body had figured out what to do it wasn't hard.

MsFiremanSam Sat 16-Jul-16 22:22:07

Got pregnant with this one - DC3 - first time, age 37. Already have a 5 and a 2 year old. Was a bit of a shock!

BearFoxBear Sat 16-Jul-16 22:26:02

It took us about 6 weeks at age 37, then once at 39. Good luck.

Portobelly Sat 16-Jul-16 22:27:27

Conceived when 37, second month of trying. Hoping ttc their sibling will be as easy...

BadToTheBone Sat 16-Jul-16 22:27:41

Baby at 34, got pg by mistake when on antibiotics. Baby at 38, planned and pg in month 2.

LillianFullStop Sun 17-Jul-16 00:17:33

My first pregnancy ended as an mmc last year. DH and I decided to take a break from TTC for a little while.

Decided to try after Christmas and had a BFP by Feb - I've just turned 37.

NovemberInDailyFailLand Sun 17-Jul-16 00:53:19

First cycle ended in MC at 7 weeks. Pregnant again before period - now 27 weeks. I'm 38.

NovemberInDailyFailLand Sun 17-Jul-16 00:54:33

*11 weeks, not 7

Gurraun Sun 17-Jul-16 07:39:06

I am one who has found it takes longer to get pg as I get longer in the tooth. I like a decent gap between my dc so dc1 31/32 2 months, dc2 34/35 6 months, just pg3 with dc3 started ttc at 37, now pg at nearly 39 14 months ttc shock

FiaMarrow Sun 17-Jul-16 07:50:17

Got pregnant at 36 after one reckless 'throw the condom to the wind" evening with DP blush

First time around (when I was 32) was planned and took a couple of months.

Good luck smile

FraterculaArctica Sun 17-Jul-16 07:57:35

Conceived DC2 just before my 38th birthday on first month of trying. (DC1 conceived on 3rd cycle at 35).

orangebird69 Sun 17-Jul-16 07:59:40

Took us 13 months at 39 going by an ovulation app. No temping/checking for ewcm/peeing on ovulation sticks etc. Just shagging.

Desmondo2016 Sun 17-Jul-16 07:59:41

I got pregnant 2 months after coming off the pill, with a DH who's been told all his life (backed up by tests) that's he's infertile. A miracle happened for me! I'm 38 and he's 45.

Daytona79 Sun 17-Jul-16 08:13:14

I must just need to look into wind wrong way to get pregnant

First baby 34 years old, first time having sex after stopping contriception I fell pregnant

Currently 36 and due in 3 weeks and the same happened again

1st time having sex with no comdom and pregnant

We are very lucky

Tabitha78 Sun 17-Jul-16 09:46:29

I'm pregnant with DC #1 at 38, got pregnant second month of trying.

Bluebird126 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:35:57

Got pregnant for the first time aged 44, after 2 years vaguely ttc - basically just came off the pill and pretty much put it out of our minds, no watching cycles etc. 25 weeks now and so excited!

thereisnocheese Fri 22-Jul-16 22:34:00

I also just need to blink to get pregnant. First time both tries, first one I was 38 and second time at 40..I know I am very lucky.

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