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What would you do? PIL dilema

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Jenjen85 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:05:04

So just over 13 weeks ago father in law made some awful comments about how me and OH parent out 3yr old DD he also said some hurtful things to me too. I have not spoken to him since and OH has barely spoken to him either. I will not speak to him until he apologise (im very stubborn and i did nothing to provoke the verbal attack) whenever i see FIL it is very strained and uncomfortable and obviously the longer this goes on the closer i get to my due date (now 33weeks). Baby is currently transverse and has been since 20weeks so i have a scan in 3 weeks to see if he has turned (not likely as i think he is too comfy) but if i do have to have a section do you think IBU to say to OH that i dont want his dad in the hospital as its unnecessary stress i dont need? I feel awful for OH but he stuck up for me during the argument and totally agreed that his dad was in the wrong for what he said? Im also not keen on him coming to my house as last time he did he made an arsey comment. What would you do?
Sorry the post is long and if you got this far thanks smile

Cheerybigbottom Fri 15-Jul-16 19:08:15

Even if you were best friends with PIL there is no need for him to be at the hospital. Baby's dad should be there, and if necessary someone could support him by dropping food/drink/forgotten items off but there is no need imo to have other people around. I think hospitals discourage it anyway.

So don't feel bad about asking him not to be there, he shouldn't be anyway hmm

Caken Fri 15-Jul-16 19:09:02

YANBU either way with him visiting in hospital or your home. He sounds totally at fault and, to be honest, a complete arse.

Don't stress yourself out for someone who makes snide comments and will make you feel on edge when you're already likely to be feeling pretty vulnerable.

Jenjen85 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:14:56

Thanks ladies. I meant visiting once babies here if i have to have a section and stay in, i dont want him there. Its hard to bring it up with OH as i dont want us to fall out over it

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