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Colostrum, stress and 29 weeks pregnant

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missybct Fri 15-Jul-16 16:47:38

Just after some advice from those in the know - I've left a message for my midwife but as it's not an emergency I imagine I won't probably hear back now...

I'm 29w+2 and things seem to be OK - I don't have huge amounts of movement but every scan has been fine, and I do feel baby, just perhaps not as pronounced as some people due around same time.

I've been leaking what I assume is colostrum since about week 13-15 (can't quite remember). Wasn't really overly worried, read that it was relatively normal, jobs a goodun. Was definitely not daily and usually only occurred when I wasn't wearing a bra or (TMI) when me and DP had sex (normal).

This week however, I've been properly leaking - I've been off sick from work with stress and as a consequence haven't been wearing bra's a lot (I don't know if this is important) - leaking has been daily, and generally off and on during the day - staining t-shirts and leaking onto bedsheets at night. I've not quite had squirts, but I've definitely had dripping.

Also, my boobs feel really flat - deflated, even. They've been aching, but not like first trimester aching, I can't even describe it. I know you can get something called "oversupply" but I can only source information during breastfeeding, not pre-natally.

Again, as per the title I've been highly emotional this week - more so than usual due to work and home life stress - think hysterically crying, tearing hair out, properly not coping and sadly not really looking after myself properly - I keep having fears I've harmed the baby as a consequence, and the colostrum is some way of my body telling me that I've not given him enough care/nutrition. I've always noticed that if I have a high emotion, my boobs tend to leak.

I'm tempted to pay for a private scan to make sure everything is OK (placenta is fully functioning etc) but part of me feels this is unreasonable as I have no other negative symptoms apart from baby being a bit quieter last 2 days (no bleeding, pain is manageable etc).

Does anyone have any advice? Both on colostrum leakage and/or severe stress in third trimester? Thanks in advance flowers

ElspethFlashman Fri 15-Jul-16 16:58:16

Colostrum leaking is a good thing - it means you'll smell of it on birth and baby will be able to draw it down very easily. It usually means an easier start to breastfeeding.

Use breast pads to stop staining. Tbh you'll need them afterwards anyway so may as well start now.

Aching is a normal part of the glands working I'm afraid.

Your breasts wouldn't be full though - they don't get full from colostrum, only milk.

The severe stress is something you have to alert the MW or your GP of. Cos ideally you want to have that reduced to a manageable level prior to birth. Ante natal anxiety is a definite"thing" so nobody will be surprised. It should be taken seriously though. Good job contacting the MW but don't emphasise to her the colostrum (harmless) over the stress (much more important).

missybct Fri 15-Jul-16 17:53:11

Thanks Elspeth - I'm not sure why I started so early, but if it's all normal and I don't need to be concerned the staining is largely confined to bedwear, which at the moment is ratty as hell anyway.

Thank you for clearing up the colostrum vs milk fullness also.

Oh MW is aware of the stress but thank you for pointing it out - it was a very isolated incident that was exacerbated by something preventable but it seems to be in hand now. I have however consulted a hypnobirthing consultant and am trying to work towards managing my anxieties without relying solely on my partner all the time. Unfortunately I'm going to be swapping surgeries next week as we've not long moved into a different area (where I don't really know many people) but I'm assured the midwives over this way are just as good smile

I think I read the "oversupply" article and freaked slightly!

ElspethFlashman Fri 15-Jul-16 18:12:29

Re oversupply. I don't think there's a correlation tbh.

But even if you do, I just want to say one thing that no MW or lactation consultant ever will....^Sudafed^. Look into it. wink

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