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Pink discharge at 28 weeks

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GashleyCrumbTiny Fri 15-Jul-16 14:01:28

Does this need checking out? I know the standard answer is always "yes - phone up", but would appreciate others' experiences before making a tit of myself again (went to the assessment unit at the weekend after getting myself in a tizzy that baby was moving 'differently').

Yesterday, after going for a wee, there was pinkish discharge when I wiped. Quite pale, pink rather than proper bleeding or streaks/spots of fresh blood. Definitely discharge consistency, not anything else leaking (just so you can really picture it!) It very just once and then went away, so counselled myself not to panic and left it. But it's happened again today, exactly the same.

No other symptoms at all, baby wiggling plenty, no complications thus far - and I'm 95% sure sonographer at 20 week scan said placenta "nice and high", so not that - although I'm doubting my memory now, as I just file good news in a part of brain marked "don't need to worry about it" and only retain stuff I think I need to keep a check on! I know if I phone they will say to go in. When it happened yesterday, I was literally two hours out of a midwife appointment where she checked blood pressure, urine and listened to baby's heartbeat - all totally fine. Presumably that's all they'll do at the assessment unit, and it doesn't seem likely she wouldn't have picked up anything concerning at the time.

Do I need to call anyway - and even if yes can I have some reassurance? Anxiety-laden first-timer!

Jodie1982 Fri 15-Jul-16 15:15:57

I would definitely call. Best to be safe than sorry. Good luck.

Popskipiekin Sat 16-Jul-16 05:43:15

Did you call OP? I have just seen on wiping exactly what you describe, but am further behind than you, at 19 weeks. I can't go in to hosp today so would have to wait till Monday anyway. Going to give the midwives a call later on and hope they can see me next week if I've still got the bleeding/discharge.

GashleyCrumbTiny Sat 16-Jul-16 08:44:57

I haven't yet. It's back to normal again. If it happens again I will!

GashleyCrumbTiny Tue 19-Jul-16 18:22:27

Happened again. Went in. Right thing to do but don't feel reassured. I went to the assessment unit on Sunday, they gave an anti-D injection and took bloods, monitored heartbeat etc (all fine) but didn't really tell me what it might be or what to do next. I got called in for a scan today (which I wasn't expecting, so can only assume it's a followup from going in on Sunday, and not in response to anything they found when they took swab or in the bloods). Because I wasn't expecting to get called (and only got about 45 minutes warning), I didn't have my notes, which they said was fine, but then everyone was a bit confused and kept asking me if I knew why I'd been called in. I explained the situation and the sonographer said everything looked fine, he couldn't see any evidence of further bleeding or anything that would explain why it had happened. But I don't feel any the wiser! It's happened twice more (late Sunday and once today) exactly the same. They said to call them if it gets worse or I have any pain, but it's just been the same - and back to normal in between.


Has anyone else had this and things been okay?

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