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Unsettled feeling!

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MummyKatie88 Thu 14-Jul-16 22:23:31

Hi All,

First time poster here so bare with me!

Infact I'm a first time mummy to be too and feel a little bit of a failure already, I've hated pregnancy, I got sacked from my job very early on for being pregnant which probably is the catalyst to not being able to enjoy my pregnancy. With little to no hope of employment bar a few days temping here and there it's been a HUGE struggle!

I feel so unsettled/worried to the point where the health visitor met me for the first time the other day and commented how stressed I looked 🙄

I constantly feel like I should be doing something, but im not sure what, cleaning is a big thing with me and I cannot settle until everything is sorted at the moment!

Help, is this normal? Health visitor advised if I don't chill out I'm going to have an unhappy baby which reduced me to tears the other day!

Any advice? Tips?

TIA xx

Seekingmiracles Thu 14-Jul-16 23:23:21

First of all I'm sorry you're feeling down, but you really must try to relax. Have you got anyone around who can give you a bit of moral support?
Secondly - I'd be well on my way to a court case against your ex-employer if I were you. They can't sack you for being pregnant. Completely acceptable grounds for unfair dismissal.
Hope you find a way to cope with your anxiety, sending some positive energy your way, be strong. flowers

thecatsarecrazy Fri 15-Jul-16 17:45:28

Can you do something to keep busy and take your mind off? One thing I like to do is use survey websites.
I've got a nectar card so I do one for nectar points. I also do onepoll when I get to £40 I get paid in money and also valued opinions. They pay in vouchers and I'm up to £43 I'm saving it up to use on baby when they arrive. I stress about everything. Cleaning is a big thing with me and clutter so taking some time out to do surveys helps me relax and I feel I'm doing something useful.

MummyKatie88 Sat 16-Jul-16 09:09:07

Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately I haven't the strength to go to a tribunal with my ex employer, he's a nasty piece of work it would seem, I'm hoping Karma will work its magic. I've had a better few nights sleep so that has helped me settle slightly, still feel the need to be busy though 😳 plus am not getting sharp cervix pain! The joys! Thanks again!

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