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Maternity swimwear

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IslandLife Thu 14-Jul-16 16:42:56

Is there any maternity swimwear out there that offers any boob support whatsoever?? I cannot find anything! I'm looking for a swimming costume as I'm not overly keen on showing off the stretch marks. I have one halter neck one from Topshop that almost works if I tie up the straps almost to the point of cutting off blood supply! Or do I just get a normal swimsuit in a bigger size?? Please help!

octoberbundle Thu 14-Jul-16 16:46:03

Got mine from ASOS!

IloveBabyBubbles Thu 14-Jul-16 16:48:38

Try wiggle. I had a zoggs one and a speedo one, both good of you want a 'proper' swimming costume.

IslandLife Thu 14-Jul-16 17:54:44

I'm looking for fashion rather than function. I'll be 25 weeks when I go on holiday in August and I don't want droopy boobs!! confused

Pinklily1 Thu 14-Jul-16 19:02:34

Hi Island.

My boobs are currently a 34F (thanks to pregnancy). I got two tankinis from JoJo Maman Bebe, not underwired but they feel supportive. I also bought two bikinis from George at Asda, underwired, which were really comfortable - they might have swimsuits and tankinis too?

IslandLife Thu 14-Jul-16 19:53:36

Thank you for the advice....not too keen on the Asos ones but just bought one from
JoJo so fingers crossed it does the trick! smile

moobeana Thu 14-Jul-16 20:27:17

I was going to say jojo tankini. I used mine for swimming lessons with DD1 whilst pregnant, it was pretty supportive. And pretty.

KayTee87 Thu 14-Jul-16 20:54:38

I ended up getting a tankini from Freya, I was never able to find a good bra sized maternity swimsuit.

RuskBaby Thu 14-Jul-16 21:02:03

I just got the plain black swimsuit from next and it's great, I have 38gg and my boobs are secure and comfortable and looks like I will have loads of bump space as I grow.

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