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Clearblue digi

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Nogoodnickname Thu 14-Jul-16 15:23:47

Hey everyone!

I'm new here but have been a lurker for a while.
Ok so I'm having a bit of a meltdown!

I'm 5+1 weeks pregnant today,for some stupid reason I decided to do a cbd and its only come up as 1-2 weeks. I'm really panicking now that something could be wrong.

Has anyone else had experience with these tests?

On a side note I also done a first response test too and the test line was dark so I don't understand how the cbd is only showing 1-2 hmm

Dixiechick17 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:35:54

It means 1-2 weeks since ovulation, so you add two weeks on in pregnancy terms which would be 4ish weeks. They are notorious for being quite unreliable at properly dating you.

Thequilltosurvive Thu 14-Jul-16 15:36:28

Stop testing!! smile

Nogoodnickname Thu 14-Jul-16 15:37:59

Your right thequilltosurvive I should do for my own sanity! I never tested like this when I was pg with my lb last year!

Pri741 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:57:37

Dixiechick has a point, clear blue will counts the weeks from ovulation rather than from your last period. And if I remember correctly, the weeks result is only 65% accurate or something. The over 99% accuracy thing is only for positive or negative.
Best smile

Nogoodnickname Thu 14-Jul-16 16:05:12

Ok thank you dixiechick and pri741.

I just don't know why I'm doing this to myself!

With my son I got my bfp at 5+2 and was happy with that.

This time I found out at 12dpo so just wanted to see if the test line got darker on the first responses (which it has).

Think I'm going to bin my other cbd test as it will only make me worry more!

Work of the devil those things!

Thequilltosurvive Thu 14-Jul-16 20:20:01

I know there's a massive temptation to keep peeing on a stick but you will drive yourself batty. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy - congrats!

LBNM19 Fri 15-Jul-16 10:38:11

I drove myself mad with these tests at the begggining of my pregnancy. It stayed at 2-3 for ages then went up to 3+ back down to 2-3 up to 3+ again. I would say they really are not accurate. X

Desmondo2016 Fri 15-Jul-16 11:38:46

Been there got the t shirt. Turned out my dates were right and the cbd AND early scan were both wrong. You're preggers, that's what matters

Nogoodnickname Fri 15-Jul-16 11:44:36

Thanks ladies!

I was going to bin my last test but didn't. Just done the test this morning and it's finally come back as 2-3 so feeling a bit better now smile.

Although I will never use these tests again.

Got a scan on 26th of July when I'll be 6+6. Hoping to see our little bean with a beautiful heartbeat, fingers crossed!

NovemberInDailyFailLand Fri 15-Jul-16 15:55:11

Those tests are evil! This question is asked here all the time, 'cause they just frighten women, who then feel compelled to get another test at £12 a throw.

Do not worry smile

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