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Pregnancy of unknown location please help!

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Lizziedoll Thu 14-Jul-16 11:36:45

Hi everyone
So I found out I was pregnant with my first child exactly one week ago. My last period was June 5 so I should be about 5w4d. Since last night I've had a cramps on the left side of my uterus which comes and goes so this morning I went to have a scan at the walk in early pregnancy unit. They confirmed I was pregnant with a urine test but did a vaginal scan and found no sign of pregnancy sad. They did blood tests but said it was due to one of 3 things: I'm not as far gone as I think and it's not detectable yet, I am having an ectopic (they checked for that and saw no sign so far) or that I'm going to miscarry. I've had no bleeding or spotting at all by the way!
They've done a blood test to check my hormones but I'm absolutely frantic with worry now! Does anyone know what my odds are or have gone through this too?
Thank you in advance

HaggisnNeeps Thu 14-Jul-16 12:20:37

I am not sure if this is the same as I didn't have the cramps that you are describing but thought I would share what happened to me. I had a private scan early scan at around the 8 week mark. The sonographer couldn't find a gestational or a yolk sac or a foetal pole during the scan (with and without an empty bladder). They did tell me that my uterus lining was 2.2 mm and no free fluid was detected. I went to the EPU at my hospital and had an internal scan and they found the baby. They think it may have been due to the position of my uterus (retroverted). I am now 27+ weeks pregnant and all is going well.
You are still quite early on so I would wait for the hormone test and a possible re-scan in a couple of weeks. I know you will be frantic and beside yourself (i had to wait 3 days in between my scans), but just try to remain positive.

Lizziedoll Thu 14-Jul-16 14:28:48

I just had a phonecall to say my blood tests were inconclusive and I had to go back on Saturday, I am so scared sad

Lizziedoll Thu 14-Jul-16 14:35:40

*have to

Pri741 Thu 14-Jul-16 16:16:48

I know it's easy to say "try not to panic"...

I had cramps on my left side as well really early on, I don't remember exactly how many weeks I was, I think around 4 or 5. I totally panicked when I read about it being a symptom of ectopic pregnancies. I remember calling DH in tears from work one day, sobbing uncontrollably. I read that when the pregnancy is ectopic, your hormones levels are lower than normal so I got a new clear blue digital test to see if the week result would be higher (3+ rather than 2-3) indicating higher hormone levels. That gave me some reassurance but then I started spotting, total panic again. I ended up having two early pregnancy scans, but fortunately baby was fine and I'm now 23 weeks.

Basically, the fact you're having cramps does not necessarily mean anything. 5w4d might be a bit too soon to see anything... I think the baby's heart only starts beating 6 weeks if I'm not mistaken. And you might not even be this far along depending on regular your periods are, you could be a bit earlier than you think.

So yeah, try not to panic... smile

Good luck on Saturday x

Lizziedoll Thu 14-Jul-16 17:45:42

Thank you and congrats X

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