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Movement at 11 weeks?!

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Bumpngrind85 Wed 13-Jul-16 21:05:29

Hi all. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby and for just over a week I have been getting some serious movement. If I look down at my belly it literally moves from left to right. I've tried to google it as this seems ridiculously early?! Most people are saying it could just be gas but there is absolutely no way. It's literally moving and really obvious. My mum is convinced my dates are wrong as said she's never seen anything like it... But I know they are right. Anyone had anything like this?! I'm scared I'm spawning an alien envy

hopeful31yrs Wed 13-Jul-16 21:31:39

Definitely had movement at 11 weeks with Numero deux. Have an anterior placenta also.

Exactly what hopeful said. Anterior placenta and movement from 11 wks this time!

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