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Feeling like this baby will never come!! 39+4

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user1467618369 Wed 13-Jul-16 12:36:03

Hi ladies,
Long Incoming rant from very heavily pregnant woman coming. I've literally had a titsful now, I think I'm going to give myself a section if my little girl doesn't make an appearance soon. I've had five false alarms since about 32 weeks and have been pretty much housebound, took maternity leave very early after being told I was at risk of having a premature baby. I'm a college student and a volunteer or was (hopefully just passed) and wasn't so keen on having my daughter delivered on campus or a women's aid office. I've had all sorts of problems in this pregnancy ranging from anemia, high fluid levels, an irritable uterus etc which put me on as close as you can get to total bed rest. Everyone seems afraid to take me out places or maybe they're scared of me? incase I pop in public blush. I have regular spasms, pains that the doctors decided are very Nasty painful Braxton hicks. Usually about two minutes apart for 30-40 secs, that can build up for as long as six hours!!! But alas then they stop and I feel defeated by my body once again. My husband is an anxious, impatient, excited, nervous man who I love dearly. He is so fed up with it all as much as me, and I honestly can't blame him after us rushing to hospital or having midwives out five or more so times. Everytime I so much as sneeze, he sends me to bed very very overprotective of me. I'm nesting like crazy, never thought I could be so domesticated. (only thing I seem to have physical energy for). My hormones are eating me and anyone who gets in my path. Hence why I've decided to totally isolate myself until she's here incase I really say something nasty to a loved one. (again very sensitive loving natured husband is getting brunt of it at the minute 😳) I am beyond grateful and blessed to have the gift of life inside me but I'd much prefer to be holding her in my arms. Please can all tell me the end is nigh? I know I'm just a few days away from my due date, but am going into total denial now that she's never ever coming, and I'm going to be heavily pregnant forever. 🙈 Trying to keep my cool but arrrggghhh get this baby out of me!!!
I'm ready now!!
Thanks for letting me rant mummies!!
One distressed hormonal mummy to be

Sweetheartyparty76 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:02:42

This is only a temporary condition and soon it will be only a memory so have hope OP. I'm only 24 weeks with my first baby and feel uncomfortable already so I don't know what you are going through but poor you flowers

mummydoc123 Wed 13-Jul-16 19:24:01

Sounds like you're having a really crap time. Gallons of sympathy and wishes that soon you'll have that baby in your arms! xx

user1467618369 Wed 13-Jul-16 21:07:58

Sorry for the whinge, thanks for the hugs and sympathy. Just getting super exhausted with it all. Managed to go to town today with my husband for about two hours. Only seem to get out of the house once a week atm, anything more than that is too much. See my midwife tomorrow, hope she offers an induction of some sorts soon. Getting unbelievable pelvic pressure and got that sexy waddle full going on now. Thanks for letting me whinge xx flowers

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