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Any good news stories after hcg drop?

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aloha82 Wed 13-Jul-16 12:19:13

Hi all, my husband and I had just stared TTC and fell pregnant straight away. I did a Hpt on Friday 1st July. I then started a period type bleed on the Sunday and bled for around 4 days. Hcg tests at my GP confirmed that they doubled that week so they refered me to my local epu for a scan. After an internal scan they said there wasn't anything there so likely is had an early loss or it was ectopic etc. They did want to check my bloods over 48 hours to determine next steps. Between last Friday and Sunday hcg doubled so they asked me for more bloods yesterday and hcg had dropped. I now have another scan on Friday. I'm still getting the same twinges that I had been getting throughout so it doesn't feel like this is a pregnancy loss. I don't want to delude myself but this is my first pregnancy and so um trying to be hopeful but hcg drop doesn't look like good news. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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