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Hind waters or wet myself?!

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fizzingmum Wed 13-Jul-16 08:02:57

Sorry if too much information. I'm 37+ 3 today. A couple of times during my pregnancy I've been unable to hold my bladder and had an accident. Both times were when I was laughing too hard and have only Made me laugh more. Last time was a good couple of months ago and I was fully aware it was urine. Yesterday I walked my dog on a 5k route. About ten minutes in I started to feel a small gush with every step. It didn't feel like wee. I stopped to use the toilet but didn't need it and carried on. By half way round the circuit I was soaking wet so I again went for a wee in some bushes. I had a wee normally and a smell of my Knicks. It was definitely not urine. By the time I got back to the car I was soaked to the point of it running down my leg. I had a scan booked at the hospital anyway to check if she was breach (she isn't grin). So I mentioned it and was passed to the maternity day unit. By this time the gushing had stopped. They were pretty convinced it was my waters gone as was I. However a swab test from my vagina had no sign of amniotic fluid. I was sent home to see what happens. Had mild low contractions last night for a few hours and then everything has stopped. I feel a bit confused as it was definitely not a wee, but not amniotic either. My wee has been very strong lately and a dark yellow colour. This was very pale. Can the swab be wrong? What else could it be? On the plus side she seems to have dropped (midwife said 3/5 engaged) and as a result my excruciating sciatica has eased almost completely. She must have moved off the nerve.

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