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C-section scar pain in second pregnancy

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BlueSnow18 Tue 12-Jul-16 22:11:28

I'm 20 weeks with my second and I'm in so much pain!
At 4 weeks I had a laperoscopy (sp?) due to pain they suspected an ectopic pregnancy. Turns out all the pain I was in was down to severe adhesions from my section 2 years earlier.
They explained then that I would be in pain during my pregnancy but towards the end of my 1St trimester the pain eased. At around 16 weeks I started getting discomfort so got some painkillers for it but now it's unbearable!
I can't laugh/ cough/ sneeze without holding my scar, some days I can't stand up straight without my scar feeling like it's going to rip.
Is this normal or should I be concerned? Right now I can't even imagine how I'm going to cope for the next 20 weeks.

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