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GTT test and baby measuring big...

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BlueGirl1982 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:33:44

Hi...I am currently 33+3 with my first child and had to have a further scan today as my 20 week scan showed a low lying anterior placenta...the good news is that my placenta has moved out of the way, the not so good news is that I now have to have a gtt as baby's abdomen was measuring large...I'm surprised by this as my bump has been measuring almost a week behind on the last two occasions.

I'm now feeling very guilty as I have given in to quite a lot of sugar cravings during pregnancy...should I be concerned?

Also they have estimated baby's current weight as 5lb8, the midwife seemed to be quite smug when telling me this is quite it large for this stage and has anyone else who has had similar gone on to have big babies or have they still been fairly average in the end?

MrsGlam Tue 12-Jul-16 05:16:33

I was told at similar gestation that baby was 5lb 4ozs and had to have an extra GTT. Which did come back just over borderline however my son was estimated to be 8lb2ozs at 37+6 I was induced at 38+3 and he was 7lb 6ozs! So it doesn't necessarily mean that baby is going to be big if you do get GD! Or been measuring big..I was measuring big on scans from 24 weeks!

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