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GD diagnosed at 37 weeks

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PickleBot Mon 11-Jul-16 16:21:39

I've just had a call from the receptionist at the hospital clinic to book me an appointment for tomorrow because my GTT on Friday was positive. Now I'm worried about what they can actually do at this stage and what the impact on the baby will be. I'm having a section in 2 weeks because the baby is breach, on the big side and i ended up with an emcs lady time. Any chance they'll move my section up to this week or will I have to try and get to grips with diets and injections in 2 weeks? I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, I've been struggling a bit anyway with tiredness and lack of energy, this just feels like the last straw. I wish the mw had called me rather than the receptionist.

Mummyme87 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:00:53

Interesting you had a GTT so late in pregnancy bearing in mind they are inaccurate after 32/40 🤔 I would request an HBA1C and a fasting glucose to assess for diabetes. I had this done at 37/40 due to baby on 98th centile and increased liquor volume. My results were border line so did a week of blood sugar monitoring which was also borderline. Decided I wasn't GDM although in highnsight I was due to fetal macrosomia and polycythemia.

If they confirm you do have GDM, they will discuss diet with you and start blood sugar monitoring and continue with plan for CS at 39/40. You wouldn't want it earlier as would probably be advised to have steroids which increase you blood sugar levels (steroids to help prevent breathing problems in babes born before 39/40 via CS).

I am a midwife working in a very forward moving London hospital. Hope all is well for you

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