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Anxiety taking over

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Nicolajane89 Sun 10-Jul-16 15:54:17

So I'm new to this eventthough I read thread after thread after thread.

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with baby no2 and just started getting queasy and EXHAUSTED. I'm so excited but right now my anxiety is taking over. I have a HUGE fear of being sick and I'm getting myself so anxious . I didn't once thrown up im my last pregnancy with my daughter and coped with nausea from 6- 12 weeks pretty well considering I worked in a pub around all sorts of smells all day. I know that I'm not likely to be sick and I think actually my anxiety is making me worse. My doctor knows of my phobia and prescribed me cyclizine as a 'peace of mind' . I took it yesterday and I don't know if it's physcological or whether it really worked but I felt much better. I don't really know what I'm writing this for...I guess I'm seeking reassurance in knowing I'm not the only one with this phobia and worry and that I can get through this without being sick?!
Thanks guys xx

Beautifulstorm Sun 10-Jul-16 16:02:06

The only way to face anxiety and get past it is to face the fear. So in your case, you need to change your thoughts to 'if I'm sick I'm sick, so be it'. Women are sick whwn pregnant all the time! smile

Nicolajane89 Sun 10-Jul-16 16:23:18

I get that and I've had therapy and help for it but it's a phobia and that's easier said than done. I say that to myself everyday but doesn't make it easier. It's a fear. I guess you can't understand unless you feel it !

ACatastrophicMisintepretation Sun 10-Jul-16 16:34:27

I'm a fellow sick phobia and when u became unexpectedly pregnant with my son it was a huge concern for me too. I have been worried my whole life about how I'd cope with morning sickness and when my sister had HG I really thought I was destined for it too.
As each new week ticked by I thought "this will be when it starts"... But it didn't! I had a few weeks of nausea that was worse when I was hungry and tended to hit in the afternoon but that was it. I wasn't sick once during pregnancy and only once in labour (only a little sick and due to the fact I carried on drinking whilst I had an epidural and I was immediately given an anti emetic as soon as I was). I have also got lots of friends who weren't sick during pregnancy or only once so there is a good chance you'll be ok.
I don't know what else to say, I know all to well that consuming fear and nothing anyone says to reassure or try to get you to get over it helps. I did tell the midwives I was very anxious about vomiting so they were prepared with anti emetics on standby but wouldn't give me anything preventative. Knowing it was there reassured me a lot. It is a horrible phobia and I do feel for you. I also read that 75% of emetophobics don't suffer with morning sickness... I don't know if that is due to suppressing it or not???
I do understand though and feel for you, just do what you need to do to feel better... I ate! A lot! xx

Balletblue Sun 10-Jul-16 16:40:18

I' m emetaphobic and felt sick through my whole pregnancy but wasn't sick at all. I found that seasickness bands took the edge off it and had a lot of peppermint chewing gum. I rested as much as I could manage and ate when I was hungry. As soon as I'd had the baby I felt massively relieved though.

Nicolajane89 Sun 10-Jul-16 17:07:36

Thank you so much for your sweet replies. I will keep on with the seasick bands and constant nibbling. I honestly think my nausea is worse because of my anxiety . All a vicious circle isn't it. Hopefully I'll have some lovely midwives again. They were brilliant last time, I had a horrendous 3 day labour and was so anxious that they gave me anti sickness injections as a prevention to help relax me. So hopefully I can do the same again. I know once I get these few queasy weeks out the way I can properly enjoy my pregnancy! I really appreciate your sweet compassionate replies xxx

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