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Hematoma and bleeding.

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LBNM19 Sun 10-Jul-16 08:51:42

I started heavily bleeding at 11 weeks with clots, went for a scan and they couldn't see why but said baby was fine.

2 days later I was due to have genetic testing as my oldest son is disabled and the consultant said I have a hematoma and advised I waited to have my CVS as they have to take a sample from the placenta.

During the week I was waiting I bled for 4/5 days and it stopped and started the morning I was scheduled in for my CVS again.

I've now found out every thing is fine with our baby (we had a 1 in 4 chance it wouldn't be) but I'm still bleeding and have been for the best part of 2 weeks.

It's making me feel very on edge and I feel like I still can't relax and enjoy the pregnancy because of it. I'm 13 + 5 now.

Anyone else had a hematoma and how long did you bleed?

Bleats Sun 10-Jul-16 22:15:41

Hi - this happened to me at 7wks and lasted for three in total. I am now a (tired) 36 weeks so please don't worry flowers

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