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Breakthrough bleeding

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britterjane Sat 09-Jul-16 22:13:08

My periods have never been late, I have a 30 day cycle. My partner and I are trying to conceive. My peroid was supposed to have started July 2nd and I was going to wait until I was a week late to test. I was experiencing nausea, frequent urination, tender breast so I got really excited because my period is never late, especially not 7 days late. Today would be a week late, so I was going to test. But I started spotting so I was discouraged that I would not be pregnant and did not take a pregnancy test. I have been reading about breakthrough bleeding which would happen around the time you were period would be due. I read that break through pregnancy happens when there is not enough pregnancy hormones. If there is not enough pregnancy hormones does that mean if I took a pregnancy test it wouldn't show up because there are not enough hormones? Basically just want to know is there still a possibility I could be pregnant. My partner and I were tracking my ovulation and we had sex multiple different days around the time I would be ovulating. I don't know whether not to throw in the towel or not when it comes to being pregnant this month. And also, when I start my period, it is full on I don't ever spot before so that's something that is making me hope it is break through bleeding. Is there anyone who has experienced this and still been pregnant? Can anyone give me more information about break through bleeding? I was just so excited and now I am a little crushed

MmmMalbec Sun 10-Jul-16 06:25:07

Spotting in early pregnancy is common, but so is spotting before a period and having the odd longer cycle. Just take a test. If you're a week late you'll get a definitive answer. No one can tell you for sure and everyone's experience is different!

Good luck!

Bell123a Wed 17-Aug-16 00:07:05

My period was a couple of days late last month, when it arrived it was really light, I did have red bleeding one of the days but it was also very light. I have never had an odd period before. I took a pregnancy test a few days later but it was negative. I'm now on my second month and have light spotting. No period yet, I expect it might come in a couple of days. I never spot before my period is due.

We are actively TTC, with no luck as I had fibroids previously which has been sorted.

Prior to these odd bleeding periods my cycles were totally normal.

I don't know if I could be pregnant, I don't really have any other symptoms besides sore boobs and mild cramps but this is when my period should be due so that's normal for me...

Anyone have this before?

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