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The tiredness, how tocope with it?

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Nottalotta Sat 09-Jul-16 13:28:33

Pregnant with #2. #1 is not 1 yet. I suffered with severe nausea and absolute exhaustion last time. Not sure how pregnant I am, but been having these symptoms for 3 weeks now and honestly feel like crying. I just want to go to bed but ds is not good at napping.

Might be set for another 10 weeks of this if last time was anything to go by.

Havingkittens04 Sun 10-Jul-16 15:47:31

Is there no one that can take your lo out for an hour so you can have a rest/nap during the day? I'm 11 weeks and DH takes DD to a playcentre every Sunday afternoon now so I can catch up on rest/sleep and my sister has started taking DD to a Gymboree class for an hour on Fridays for me - I only get about 45mins of sleep but it's a god-send x

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 10-Jul-16 15:55:55

I had exactly the same thing! Found out I was pregnant this time when Dd was 8 months old. I had raging morning sickness at the start, and the tiredness was killing me.
I slept whenever Dd slept, as if she was a newborn again!
Sod the housework. I did the bare minimum to keep my house clean and tidy and cooked quick and easy meals so I wasn't spending ages cooking every night.
DH would get up with Dd on Saturday and Sunday mornings and let me have an extra hour or so in bed which was amazing grin
It does get better though smile Dd is 14mo now and requires a lot less carrying around, and will happily entertain herself with toys for longer than before, so life in general is less work....which sounds awful when said like that, but it's true!

Nottalotta Sun 10-Jul-16 19:21:33

My mum and Mil have ds when I work three full days a week so I don't feel I can ask them for extra. Husband is pretty useless tbh though really needs to step up. He's poorly this weekend though so done even less than the usual feck all.

CarrotVan Mon 11-Jul-16 12:04:10

DS is 3 but still likes a nap so I nap when he does and have early nights. I'm still knackered as when he's awake he's very awake! DH works away a lot which makes things harder

Havingkittens04 Mon 11-Jul-16 16:50:14

Sorry Notta, that sucks sad x

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