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Bleeding at 6 weeks

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Anxiousmuch Fri 08-Jul-16 10:39:51

I'm six weeks + 5 and have been bleeding for 4 days. It started off light and brown. it has got slightly heavier and is brighter red. I have passed two small clots. I have period like pains.
Doctor examined me Tues and said cervix is closed, had scan Wednesday and there is embryo, right size, right place with heart beat.
Anyone experience anything similar if so what happened? Any advice welcome....feeling down.
I had one previous miscarriage at 6 weeks but it was over much faster, and bleeding much heavier.

Jodie1982 Fri 08-Jul-16 14:52:18

Can you call your EPU? They might get you in for a scan. Wishing you all the best flowers

Jessica90 Wed 12-Jul-17 15:44:30

Hi @Anxiousmuch i have just posted a very similar situation I am 6 weeks and a few days along and have had lots of heavy bleeding I had a scan which showed a heartbeat, and eagerly awaiting a follow up scan in 2 weeks, just wondered how you were getting on??

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