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Beating the odds to get pregnant

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DebieS Thu 07-Jul-16 11:45:45

I've recently found out that I'm pregnant (approx 3-5weeks) my husband and I were told we had a 8-10% chance of falling pregnant due to fertility issues. We had a miscarriage 10years ago and this is the first positive test since then. Every pain, cramp or discomfort in my stomach I keep fearing the worse.
I would like to speak to people who have been in the same situation and gone full term and people who are experts in changes and what to expect whilst being pregnant.
I'm also gluten free due to an intolerance so I'm not sure if the cramps are to do with that.

HP07 Thu 07-Jul-16 18:53:19

You might like to join our pregnancy after infertility thread as there are lots of ladies on there who are currently in different stages of pregnancy after struggling to conceive. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly.
I'm in no way comparable to yourself but it did take 2 years to conceive and against the odds of endometriosis, a chocolate cyst having to be removed from my ovary and a very low AMH I am now 29+2 and preparing to go on maternity leave shortly. Good luck. Hope to see you over on our thread.

Harveyrabbit76 Mon 11-Jul-16 21:47:22

I am also pregnant after 4 years of struggling. I had 3 failed ivfs plus a myomectomy and was told I had 5%chance plus only a few eggs left. I was about to go with an egg donor last year and became naturally pregnant! I unfortunately lost the baby at 20 weeks as I had an incompetent cervix. 4 months later I became pregnant again and had a stitch placed at 12 weeks. I am now over 34 weeks and all is well. I have had the worst cramps and pains and been in constant panic mode until recently. You are going to have a few growing pains etc but all is normal. I just always made sure I drank loads of water which helps. Not just that but constipation can also cause pain so take lactulose and dried apricots etc. Lastly, never be afraid of calling your gp/midwife if worries. Best of luck and email me anytime x

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