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Negative Test Results

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FizzWizzPop Wed 06-Jul-16 19:55:41

I was due my last period about 5th may, still no period. I've been on the pill for this time, so not used any other form of protection. When my June/July periods would have been due I have had period cramps but no sign of a period, just a bit of light brown and pink spotting. I stopped taking my pill a week ago just in case it was the pill stopping my periods and causing hormonal symptoms (also been having huge mood swings) but still no period!
I went to the doctors over 2 weeks ago to ask them if they could do a blood test (tried three types of home test and all negative) and he said no but did a urine test which showed negative. He said to wait until it had been 6 months since my last period and then they'll run further tests such as an ultra sound
Is this normal?! I feel like I should know as soon as possible if I am pregnant or not so I can at least figure out why my periods are so late if not?

FizzWizzPop Wed 06-Jul-16 20:15:49

Bump as getting anxious. blush

KayTee87 Thu 07-Jul-16 07:46:28

If you've had that many negative tests and you're on the pill then it would be really really doubtful that you're pregnant.

How long have you been on the pill for? It's likely it's something to do with that. The bleed you get on your 7 day pill break isn't actually a proper period - some people don't bleed at all so I wouldn't panic about it flowers

KayTee87 Thu 07-Jul-16 07:47:24

Ps when I stopped taking the pill it took 45 days before I had a period.

MmmMalbec Thu 07-Jul-16 09:03:27

Yeah I agree with the above. It's probably just the pill messing with you a bit. There's very little chance of you being pregnant on the pill, especially when you're getting so many negative tests. It took me 8 weeks to have a natural period once I was off the pill. Either carry on taking it or come off it and let your body get back to normal. Try not o stress smile

HaggisnNeeps Sat 09-Jul-16 16:44:51

I never had a period for 5 months after stopping the pill.

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