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Pregnant no symptoms no scan

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Unknown1234 Wed 06-Jul-16 02:17:21

Hi, I'm 14 weeks pregnant but haven't had a scan since 7 weeks when everything was fine. Only my boyfriend knows about the pregnancy so the scan was a quick thing and I said to them to give me a chance to talk to my bf about everything. So from there I haven't had another scan and I've also had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever and I can't put my mind at ease because I still haven't had a scan and am finding it difficult to book one. I'm so nervous in case the baby inside me isn't alive

Glitterkitten24 Wed 06-Jul-16 02:46:20

If you are in the uk you should have had a scan at 12 weeks- is there a reason why you haven't had this? Have you been booked into the community midwife system?

If you are not in uk, do you have another scan planned?

For what it's worth I had absolutely no systems with my first pregnancy but everything was fine.

CarrotVan Wed 06-Jul-16 09:44:00

If you're in the UK you need to call the GP or Community Midwives and get yourself booked in to the antenatal care system.

By the time that's done it will be probably be too late to have a standard 12 week scan with the combined trisomy testing (needs to be done by 14 weeks and 1 day) so if you want to be screened for trisomy disorders (Downs, Edwards, Patau syndromes) then you will be offered a quadruple test which is just a blood test.

You should still get a scan to date your pregnancy as a dating scan needs to be done after 8 weeks to be accurate.

If you aren't in the UK then call your family doctor/ primary care physician and ask them what you need to do to access antenatal care

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