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Leaky boobs!!

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MyBreadIsEggy Tue 05-Jul-16 20:30:53

Hi all,
23 weeks pg with my second baby, and my boobs have been leaking what I'm assuming is colostrum for the last week or so.
The tiniest amount of pressure causes it! If I itch my boob, it leaks. If I lay on one side for too long = leaking.
This happened when I was pregnant with my Dd, but not this early! It started at 30-something weeks last time.
Please tell me I'm not the only one?!! Is it really weird?!

smellsofelderberries Tue 05-Jul-16 22:32:00

I almost posted about this yesterday! I'm only 21+3 though. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse as the pregnancy goes on. I usually notice a big of crusty milk in my bra when I take it off at the end of the day shock

smellsofelderberries Tue 05-Jul-16 22:32:15

A bit, not a big!

lifeisaconundrumattimes Tue 05-Jul-16 22:33:44

I had this when I was pg with DS. It did get a bit worse as time went on. I wore breast pads for months! On the plus side, I had great milk supply...

Melmam Tue 05-Jul-16 22:41:04

This happened me started when I was about 20 weeks with my first now pregnant with no 2 and I'm hoping it doesn't start as early cause for me unfortunately it did get a bit worse as time went on

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