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This pregnancy feels different. Did yours?

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LeSquigh Tue 05-Jul-16 17:12:51

Ok well not exactly different, but non existent!

I'm 4+4, so very early. I have one child (5) and I have had two early miscarriages and two early terminations since then (both due to contraception failures, please don't judge). In my first pregnancy, which resulted in my son, I had nothing to base it on so don't remember too much about how I felt at the time. However, in ALL 5 previous pregnancies I have had strong lines on pregnancy tests and during the one that resulted in my son I had "correct" readings on a Clearblue Digital, as in it showed the right weeks and the right time.

Other than the first, I have known I am pregnant before taking a test. My mood, dizziness on standing, extremely sore boobs, sore gums, and stretching pains coupled with implantation bleeding have all given it away by around 10dpo. I was actively trying to get pregnant and took a test four days before my period was due because I was due for a night out and wanted to know if I could drink. I was surprised to get a faint line on a Superdrug early test. I expected a chemical pregnancy but more than a week later I am still getting faint lines and 1-2 weeks on a digi.

So my question, for those of you that have had multiple pregnancies, have you gone on to have a successful pregnancy and had markedly different (or no) symptoms compared to your other ones?

I don't feel pregnant really at all and I always have done strongly by this stage. I maybe have a touch of dizziness when I stand up but that's about it. Can it be a go-er? I thought I knew my body so well but now feel it is deceiving me!

NeedACleverNN Tue 05-Jul-16 17:19:36

Both my pregnancies were different from each other

Pregnancy one:- I was sick from the word go. Right up to 16 weeks. Got admitted to hospital for dehydration a good few times. Also had a threatened pre-term labour that was halted and SPD that left me bed bound. A night mare pregnancy

The second pregnancy was a lot easier. No sickness at all. I did have SPD again though but not as bad

The difference? First was a girl the second a boy. Apparently you are more likely to be sick with a girl. Holds true with some people. Others find boys make them sicker

Tinklypoo Tue 05-Jul-16 17:25:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Namethattune Tue 05-Jul-16 20:21:43

29 weeks with DD2 here. The first time I knew I was pregnant before I did the test, as I had really sore boobs, needed to wee all the time, and could smell everything within a 5 mile radius. With this one I didn't have any of that, so was really surprised when I got a positive test. I was worried about a chemical pregnancy, as didn't feel pregnant at all, but I'm now expecting another healthy daughter in September.

LeSquigh Tue 05-Jul-16 22:22:24

Thank you for your replies. As mentioned above I do believe in "having a feeling" about it. At the moment I can't believe it's going to happen and am waiting to bleed. I just find it so odd that every other time I have had obvious symptoms and this time barely nothing.

LeSquigh Mon 11-Jul-16 17:59:49

So I am now 5+5. I'm still not getting any symptoms and my digital tests are still reading 1-2 weeks since conception. It should have moved on by now, surely?

I am planning on going to the doctors next week if nothing changes. If I am havin a viable pregnancy I will need to arrange booking in etc. Will doctor let me have hcg level blood tests to ascertain if my levels are viable?

Havingkittens04 Mon 11-Jul-16 19:40:03

Yes, get a blood test done to be sure.

All 3 of mine have been very different -

With DD I was sick a couple of times a day until labour, had really sore breasts from the word go, metallic taste etc. symptoms were unpleasant but manageable. Had SPD from about half way through.

With my son I was violently sick from 6 weeks and in and out of hospital with HG. No breast soreness (but I was still bf'ing DD at the time) and awful SPD from early on. My baby was very poorly though, and we lost him at 17 weeks.

This time, I'm almost 12 weeks, and I've got faily constant nausea and the metallic taste but I've only had 2 vomiting episodes in all this time. The tiredness is worse than anything. My breasts ache occasionally and I have no sign of SPD (yet).

I'm not taking the lack of sickness as a bad sign, we've had 2 early scans and all seems well so far. I had the worst sickness last time, thinking it was a good sign, but it didn't end well. If I had a similar preganancy to my last one, I'd be worried.

Good luck x

LeSquigh Mon 11-Jul-16 21:39:18

Thank you.

smellsofelderberries Tue 12-Jul-16 11:19:50

With my first pregnancy I just 'knew' I wasn't pregnant, and was shocked when I got a BFP. I never believed I was going to take home a baby, and I couldn't connect to the pregnancy. Lots of early scans due to bleeding and the embryo never grew, and I was diagnosed with a MMC at 11 weeks.

This pregnancy I just knew I was pregnant a few days before I could turn a test positive (it was not a feeling I'd had in the 11 other months of TTC either). Lots of scans early on because of bleeding again, but even the heavy bleeding didn't really phase me as I just had this gut feeling of knowing who this little one was and that she was going to stick around. Now 22+3 and having a wonderfully easy pregnancy!

ppandj Tue 12-Jul-16 11:31:07

I am 5+1 with my second pregnancy. First time with my DS I was lucky in that I had mild symptoms really but I did "know" I was pregnant. This time I am not really feeling pregnant and it is worrying me. I have had a slight loss of appetite, was a bit emotional and had slight nausea on two days. I did another test today and it was a strong line. So fingers crossed it all goes well for us both OP X

LeSquigh Tue 12-Jul-16 13:31:35

Thank you for your replies. I really hope that if its not viable it sorts itself out sooner rather than later!

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