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Scared I won't know when I'm actually going to go into labour

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user1467618369 Mon 04-Jul-16 09:12:21

Hi there,
I'm 38 weeks + 2, and am absolutely shitting it that i won't know when the days here. I know this a common worry for women, but the reason I'm asking is that I've already had four full on false alarms. It has been suggested to me that I suffer with an irritable uterus. I've had lots more signs recently the main one being loosing my mucus plug. I have contractions on a regular basis, ones where I have been screaming, wanting to kill everyone in agony and healthcare professionals think crap it's happening now. If those were my fake contractions, how on earth am I meant to tell when it's really happening? My husband is so worried about me, it's our first baby. I've been taking things slow, lots of sleeping and resting, a good walk most days. Can't really leave the house atm, (everytime we've left the house after the last two months, I've ended Up in hospital confused) My midwife thinks I'm going to sail through labour with all these practice episodes. It's been suggested that when I'm
In the worst bits, it's likely to go very fast. So I'm hoping that's A positive thing and when it comes to the nasty bit, she'll slide out. Just fingers crossed that my waters go beforehand with style. The only determination I've got so far is that when my contractions are regular and painful for at least three hours- we're only round the corner from the hospital. But that's already happened during false episodes. I've had pretty much every sign she's coming, when the pains and tightenings start, I get awful back pain, thigh pain etc my whole body will feel like it's going to split in two, will literally mimic labour symptoms. And the tightenings come every few minutes when they start. My mother in law has had two babies, (we're very close) and she even has commented how regular and tight my contractions are when my body kicks off. Getting closer to the end, feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel, but seriously unless my waters go like Niagra falls how am I going to know? confused

Fourormore Mon 04-Jul-16 09:18:10

Sometimes you don't know. With my last baby I had a lot of false starts and when it actually came to it being the real thing I thought it was just another false alarm.

Just follow your body. If it feels like you need to go to the hospital, go to the hospital. If it's a false alarm, it doesn't matter, you can just go home again.

Another little thing - if you're really stressed and anxious and tensing with the contractions, they will be more painful. It sounds mad but when they come, relax your face. That encourages the rest of your body to relax too. I find imagining my body opening with the pain also helps.

Kstar8 Mon 04-Jul-16 10:35:42

Hi, I can't offer any advice but I'm worried I'll be in the same situation. I'm 33+4 and have an irritable uterus. I've been having tightenings that range from every 4 mins for an hour or so to then dropping off to every 8-15 mins. I had tests to rule out preterm labour a few months ago and was told I have an irritable uterus. At the moment the tightenings aren't painful, just uncomfortable, making my throat feel funny and contorting my bump into weird shapes. I had painful (excruciating) contractions when my fibroids were degenerating so I'm assuming that is what labour would feel like?! Also a first timer so unsure what expect!

DesignedForLife Mon 04-Jul-16 10:43:53

I didn't really know. All I can say is if you're getting pains that make you want painkillers then it's time to go in (I nearly missed it!)

Obsidian77 Mon 04-Jul-16 22:19:50

Had irritable uterus during 2nd pregnancy and ended up being induced at 41 weeks. 38 & 1/2 weeks with DC3 now and having same symptoms as you user so short answer is I don't know. Is this your first? Actual labour will feel like all the symptoms you have but far more intense. It used to annoy me when books, midwives etc say if you have to ask then you're not in labour but it does make sense (sorry). If in doubt, go into hospital.
In the meantime, try to take it as easy as possible, which I know is probably going to sound unhelpful, but being so uncomfortable all the time must mean that you're exhausted. Are you trying any hypnoborthing techniques? Otherwise, like fourormore said, do the face relax thing, if does help. Remember this won't last forever. Good luck.

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