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Possible inductiin for SGA baby 36+5

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cheekymummy89 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:51:12

Hi ladies for the past 6 weeks or so I've been having growth scans as from 28 weeks onwards baby has measured below 10th centile. Had 1 scan at 28 weeks then another 4 weeks later at 32. Then they moved them to fortnightly scans so I've had them at 34 and I have another tomorrow which I will be 36+6. After the very first scan they mentioned possible induction if baby doesn't grow as well as they hope so they gave me some steroids just incase. I'm panicking now as I don't know what the outcome of the scan will be tomorrow. My first son was born sga at 5lb 13oz but back then they was not concerned by his size. I was hoping to go naturally like I did with my first had no pain Meds, no interventions, and from waters breaking to him being born was only 4 hours. If they decide to induce me I've heard and read so many terrible things like how labour will last a lot longer, it's a lot more painful than it happening naturally and there's a higher c section rate. I always said I'd want a water birth for this one but I have now been advised they would not allow this (something to do with babies that are sga can breathe in the water). I don't mind this too much as I am seeing a midwife that specialises in breathing through rather than pushing, aromatherapy etc. I'm just worried about being induced. First baby came very fast and resulted in a 3rd degree tear which was repaired in theatre hence why I wanted the water birth lol. Has anyway got any positive outcomes from being induced?

mummydoc123 Mon 04-Jul-16 16:32:48

Had normal birth with 6lb 7oz baby at 38 weeks. Pessaries (failed), then broke waters, then synotocin. Second degree tear which repaired easily and healed well. No lasting consequences. Labour lasted 6 hours and was first child. Used gas and air, then asked for epidural but things progressed too quickly and ended up rushing to finish so didn't work. For this time, I would like early epidural, but that's a personal decision, mostly because I was constantly monitored and on sliding scale for diabetes so couldn't move about during labour (and no much wanted water birth) to ease pain and will be again this time. I see my first birth as very medicalised but DS and I came out of it I see that as positive.

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