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Talk to me about cervical ectropion/erosion - 6 weeks and bleeding steadily

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theremarkablerocket Sun 03-Jul-16 11:41:52

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I found out I was pregnant on Weds after randomly testing, and went for an early scan on Thursday as I'd recently had some spotting. They dated me at 6+1 and saw a healthy heartbeat. The Dr also did a speculum exam and saw an ectropion on my cervix, and took some swabs. Since then I've been bleeding continuously, pink, bright red and dark red blood. Not that much makes it onto a pad but there's quite a lot when I wipe.

I'm reassured by the fact that I've had no pain or clots, and a nurse I spoke to at the EPU on Friday said it could definitely be caused by the ectropion. On the other hand, everything I've read seems to suggest they cause spotting rather than full-on bleeding. I know it's really just a waiting game til I can have another scan, but I thought it might be worth a shout-out in case anyone has any experience either way?


kittygirl33 Sun 03-Jul-16 14:03:10

I was diagnosed with an erosion in my last pregnancy about 27 weeks, after I had some light spotting. I had light bleeding after that for about 2 weeks then it stopped. It was painless and always light, pantyliner stuff. I didn't have any spotting after that until just before I went into labour at 35w 6d. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and still have the erosion, so far I've just had a tiny bit of spotting at 8 weeks. It is harmless but a total pain if you are Rhesus neg like me, as I will need anti D if it bleeds again in this pregnancy.

queenoftheboys Sun 03-Jul-16 14:11:11

I bled fairly consistently throughout the first trimester with DS1 with an ectropion. Varied from spotting to full-on bleeding with clots, but never had any abdo pain. I was pretty much a fixture at the Ultrasound place for the first few months, but was all fine in the end and bleeding settled down after about 3months.

theremarkablerocket Sun 03-Jul-16 16:05:28

Thanks so much for the replies. Especially comforting to hear that it can cause heavier bleeding as well. (Realise that clinging to hopeful stories not necessarily wise but at a party at the ILs' so need something to hold me together til we can reasonably leave.)

angeltattoo Sun 03-Jul-16 16:17:02

I have one and bled like you describe for the first few weeks of pg.

Also had a bigger bleed at 20 weeks.

All was fine, although worrying at the time

theremarkablerocket Mon 04-Jul-16 10:21:29

Thanks again for your replies - just had a scan which showed everything's fine. Strong heartbeat and baby growing as it should. Probably won't relax while I'm still bleeding but everything's ok for now.

BillSykesDog Mon 04-Jul-16 14:47:51

I had really, really heavy bleeding from an ectropion in my current pregnancy. Was convinced I was miscarrying. However it stopped later on and am now 30+5 with twins. grin

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