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Just need to rant!

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cheekymummy89 Sat 02-Jul-16 13:34:56

OK so I'm very grateful that the hospital are keeping a close eye on me and baby bump! But what's annoying me really is the fact I'm being sent here there and everywhere for scans, ctg etc. Been for my latest ctg this morning which I have 2 x weekly as I'm having a sga baby. After the ctg finished the midwife came over after speaking with the senior midwife and said that she really doesn't understand why I've been sent to be monitored so often. Scans should be enough unless there were any concerns and a antenatal appointment. So she hasn't booked me anymore until I see the consultant on Tuesday. She's wrote in my notes that my plan needs looking at to see if I really need the ctg doing and as often as requested. Next she asks me have I been given a date to be induced yet? So I obviously said no as nobody has mentioned this to me since my very first ctg and growth scan. And was told that I probably won't be induced unless baby stops growing or slows down too much!! I'm so confused and annoyed, it's not the poor midwifes fault as they are just doing what they are told to do. She said she feels so sorry for me being sent the hospital so often with only 3.5 weeks to go. Especially as my back has started playing me up and I'm constantly tired. She said me going for my antenatal every fortnight should be enough and that I really should not be getting sent for ctg unless there is a cause for concern, which they can't see at all. I'm worrying now that I'm just going to go one of these days and be given an appointment to be induced when I possibly don't need to be. I'd much prefer to keep little man in there as long as possible as long as there are no complications etc. I already know that if I hit 40 weeks and still havnt had him they will induce me as he's small (that I don't mind) but surely these people should be communicating with each other and reading my notes properly before making all these decisions. I'm so fed up I just want to cry. Sorry for the rant just overly tired and had enough

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