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really really bad vaginal varicose veins - petrified of giving birth

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LimesMum Thu 30-Jun-16 23:16:17

I'm now 38+ 4 and have suffered with sever varicose veins down below for most of my pregnancy.

I'm now in so much pain I can barely stand or move

I'm totally terrified that down thing is going to go wrong giving birth with them. I've been told all will be fine and it shouldn't have any impact at all on delivery.

Has anyone else got any experience of this? Positive to negative if been very keen to know please.

I had a hideous birth first time round so am worried enough anyway without this added worry!!

Thanks confused

LifeIsGoodish Thu 30-Jun-16 23:38:04

My vulval varicose veins were worse with each pregnancy, but went down so quickly after giving birth that my labia looked like an empty scrotum. Everything shrank back within a couple of weeks, and the relief was marvellous. They had no effect on my birthings.

I found sudocrem soothing on them.

Regarding your first labour? Have you had a debrief with a specialist midwife? I, too, had a horrible first labour, and had a debrief in 3rd trimester with dc2. It made a huge difference to me. 2nd labour was vastly better.

LimesMum Thu 30-Jun-16 23:43:40

Oh thanks so much this is good to know!!!

What is a debrief?? I haven't had one but guessing now too late for that!! She just keeps telling me all will be fine and 2nd is really quick?!

marblestatue Fri 01-Jul-16 00:08:03

Would you consider an epidural?

LimesMum Fri 01-Jul-16 00:13:53

Yes very much hoping for one!!

People recently have worried me tho as its all gone too fast and been no time with 2nd baby!!

LBOCS2 Fri 01-Jul-16 00:21:39

You might find it ok without one if it's quick though. I had DD2 with no artificial pain relief in a pool, and it was fine - I had an epidural with DD1 (12hr labour) but DD2 I was only 'properly' labouring for 2 hours so I could cope with it as the pain didn't have a chance to wear me down.

Not saying don't, if you want one, by the way - just saying it might not be as terrible as you're fearing if it doesn't work out with you getting one smile

LifeIsGoodish Fri 01-Jul-16 07:15:58

hmmmidwife doesn't sound too helpful. You can have a labour debrief at any time (it may be called something else). Contact the labour ward where you had dc1 and ask them directly. I had mine 2y after dc1's birth.

Sorry to tell you, 2nd labours tend to be faster than 1st labours, but aren't necessarily quick. PMA can help a lot, so going into a labour in a state of fear and distress isn't going to help. Remember that you have done this before, you can do this, your body knows what to do and your mind can help it along.

LimesMum Fri 01-Jul-16 10:12:30

Thanks will try my hardest to be positive!! Have now woken up with raging cold and sore throat so thoroughly fed up!!!

thecatsarecrazy Fri 01-Jul-16 10:46:54

2nd births aren't always quicker. Someone tried telling me that and I wasn't going to take any notice. My 2nd took a lot longer.

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