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What shall I do?

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Tootsie1984 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:15:30

Hi all. I am 14 weeks pregnant. It has been a rough time getting to this stage. Have had 5 scans so far including dating scan at 13 weeks due to bleeding on and off through the pregnancy.

Had dating scan last Thursday at 13 weeks. All was well. Hematoma that had been found at 8 week scan had gone. I had had no bleeding for 4 weeks. All good.

Anyway I work as a carer in a nursing home so hard work and mixture of shifts. Mostly on feet apart from 1 break entitled to. I went to work after scan and that night I started to bleed bright red blood again. Quickly turned to brown discharge which I had until the friday lunch time. Rang midwife who referred me to the EPAU and they arranged to rescan me on Monday.

On Monday had the scan where baby was fine and no evidence of any bleeding coming from in the uterus.

Saw consultant doctor who said it was coming from my cervix and she believes I am overdoing things and need to take it easy- no heavy lifting etc.

Sorry this is long. Anyway had a few days off work and have not had any bleeding since. I am due to go back this weekend but work have said I am doing the lightest duties they can offer me. Home is closed due to infections at the moment which means staff are also getting ill and being off. Saturday there are already 3 people off and they can not cover which means I am going to have to work short on the floor which will mean doing more. Same for the Sunday late shift.

I am scared it is going to cause me to bleed again- I can't cope with the constant stress of this anymore. I see consultant on 21st july and midwife 13th July.

I am trying to get hold of my midwife and awaiting a call back. No doctor appointments available till Monday.

Does anyone know if I can request to be signed off for a week or two? Just so terrified and don't want to do anything to risk my baby. Already had a week off when I was about 5 weeks due to them thinking I was miscarrying and in pain etc.

I really am worried about going in on Saturday but can't see how I can even get a note as no appointments ahhhh

simplydivine05 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:23:20

You need an docs appointment and yes you need signing off. If work cannot amend your duties to allow for pregnancy then you can be signed off and they cannot hold it against you. I am assuming you have had a maternity risk assessment at work? What did that say?

Tootsie1984 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:33:37

No not had a risk assessment done yet. My head of care nurse is currently off sick with the chest infection that is going around work. She had put me on light duties like doing the tea trollies etc. But others have been putting me to work on the floor which involves using the machinery to hoist people in and out of bed etc.

My manager is saying my risk assessment will be done at 25 weeks when I have provided my matb1 form. He is beyond useless.

I am just worried that the doctor will say no if I request a sick note. Hoping my midwife can get them to do one as she works closely with the surgery and can explain the problems etc and they might do me one up that I can pick up. But just not sure

user1465823522 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:47:26

you need to talk to your doctor. they can sign you off. no job is more important than your health

Tootsie1984 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:54:59

I am just worried could the doctor say no though? And plus I can't see anyone until next week and I am due in on Saturday- do I ring in sick for the weekend and hope the doctor does give me a note on Monday??

Bluebird126 Thu 30-Jun-16 18:38:52

I would totally ring in sick, do not risk your baby.

Tootsie1984 Thu 30-Jun-16 19:06:01

Yes I am going to ring in sick for the weekend and hopefully get hold of a sick note on Monday to cover it -just hope the doctors will do that

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